Rasha Mansour Launches Her Fine Jewelry Brand!

Rasha Mansour is a passionate self-taught jewelry designer who fell in love with Gold at an early age. Ever since then, Rasha has been learning and learning in order to bring her passion of making jewelry to life. As a result, Rasha Mansour has recently launched her fine jewelry brand to honor Egypt and to spread the Ancient Egyptian consciousness to change the world. 

What the Collection Is All About

The collection includes stunning and detailed scenes and pieces of ancient Egypt. While each piece fits the modern age, they all still maintain their authentic stories in beautiful details of gold. Rasha Mansour wanted to keep the pieces as they are, in honor of what Ancient Egypt has brought onto the world. Moreover, the lotus flower was the main inspiration for the brand campaign. The Lotus flower follows the sun cycle, as it closes and sinks beneath the waters of the Nile at night. It rises once again and opens at dawn. Rasha’s work is not only a representation of the glorious lotus flower, but it is also an invitation into the world of resilience and striking beauty. 

Rasha Mansour jewelryFrom Khepri the Scarab God who represents rebirth and transformation, to the Ankh which stands for the feminine and masculine unity, Rasha Mansour’s creations feature an array of mythical pieces. Whether it’s the striking necklaces, bangles, charms, or rings, they are all made from the highest quality of gold and carefully chosen gemstones that complement the stories of each piece perfectly.

“I feel that as an Egyptian, it is my being, my blood, most importantly my responsibility to present ancient Egypt in the glorious way it deserves and continue to do so… The ancient Egyptian mysteries were originally given to very few – I now aim to make it accessible for all women.” Explained Rasha Mansour on her latest jewelry line. 

Rasha Mansour’s line is a tribute to ancient Egypt, with everything Egypt has brought to the world. The jewelry line is a representation and an invitation for the world to join in on the amazing journey Rasha Mansour’s work will bring us. 

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