Rage, Anger and Terror Post-Revolution: Homeopathy, a Solution?

There are many ways to get rid of Post-Revolution symptoms that include fatigue, rage, fear, terror, anger and anxiety; either by locking yourself up in a plastic bubble getting away from the surrounding events or by turning to a healthy remedy like Homeopathy. We chose the second solution.

Homoeopathy is a safe system of medicine for physical and mental health. Over two hundred years of trials and clinical use homeopathy turned out to be used to obtain a gentle cure on the systems of the body. Homoeopathic Medicine has the power to encourage healing, whether on a physical or emotional level and is non-toxic and non-addictive. It is considered a complimentary medicine and it’s used widely in India, Pakistan, Europe, and U.S including South America. In 1918’s flu epidemic, people who have been treated with Homeopathy showed better results than people who were treated with ordinary medications. Unfortunately, Homeopathy isn’t recognized yet by the Egyptian Ministry of Health although all European countries and  America have lots of success stories. In Cuba for example, they got rid of one of their chronic diseases with help of Homeopathy.

Dr. Tag Bahnasy is a General practitioner in the United Kingdom and also a Homeopath, who studied at the London Homeopathic Hospital. Dr. Tag talked to us about the benefits of Homeopathy on our mental, emotional and physical health in the hard times we’ve been living through the past revolutionary phase. “I was quite lucky to come across homeopathy in the last 6 years. It has helped me tremendously when I lost my daughter five years ago and if I wasn’t using Homeopathy, I wouldn’t have been able to manage my life or my career”, Dr. Tag tells. “I became enthusiastic to help other people. My hairdresser here in Egypt told me that her customer lost her daughter four months ago and has been crying since. The mother didn’t have much time to come and see me but we sent her a Homeopathic Grief Medicine”, she adds.

During the hard times the whole Arab world is facing, especially Egypt, our emotional health has been on a rollercoaster ride. From mixed feelings to fear, terror and anxiety, something has got to give. “First of all we must remember that this revolution has happened because people had a long history of suppressed anger. Suppressed anger can affect the general well being of a human being. There are lots of medications that can deal with it which are mainly extracted from plants and prepared in a very special way”, she says.

Some people think that homeopathy has a placebo effect, in which one thinks that he became well because he took a certain drug. “Obviously that’s war from drug companies because homeopathy is cheaper than normal drugs. We will never say that homeopathy will over take the ordinary medicine it’s just complimentary and you can take it as an addition. We never stop people from taking their medications”, she points out.

Basically speaking, the Homeopath has to take the whole  medical history of the patient by filling an application with details like the patient’s name, how he walks, how he talks and what season does he prefer and  if they have any fears or any mental decrease of capacity, or loss of memory. Details include if the patient is pessimistic, optimistic, jealous, and careless. Analyzing the case is very important.

General speaking, mental health can affect physical health. “If a patient suffers from grief, he might get a bit of a headache, insomnia, most illnesses have underlying mental debility”, she says. There are also lots of homeopathic remedies for getting rid of terror, for example ,waking up at night as a result of anxiety.

Dr. Tag and her fellow Homeopaths are trying to re-establish the Homeopathic Medical Society in Cairo, and they are encouraging people to have an undergraduate course to be a homeopath. “Dr. Banerjea has a free clinic in England for posttraumatic syndrome for soldiers coming back from Afghanistan and we have very successful stories of people who came to their normal self after severe anxiety”, we are told. “I’m hoping to reestablish the Homeopathic Egyptian society and to introduce Allen college postgraduate course with the help of Dr. Saida Homeopath from Egypt. Dr. Banerjea had a slum clinic in India when he came to Cairo and drove through Cairo’s streets he said what a great place to have another slum clinic. We will be quite happy to treat Egyptians for free!”, she adds.

Dr. Tag also knows the perfect remedy for what women want “Well they want to be liberated and independent. They also like to feel that they put a lot of effort to help other people”.

For more details about Allen College’s Homeopathy course in Egypt contact: allencollege@btinternet.com/www.homoeopathy-course.com or the Egypt Co-coordinator Dr Tag Bahnassy: tagelbahaa@btopenworld.com

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