People We Love: Hany Adel

Music Vanguard:

Hany Adel is a singer, song writer, composer, actor and a father to two beautiful girls. He has been considered as a true game changer and a visionary above-board, who started a constantly thriving underground music scene in Egypt a decade ago with Wust El Balad, a band that combines traditional Arabic music with a modern and western twist. Hany is also behind soundtracks for some blockbusters like ‘Zay El Naharda’, ‘6, 7, 8’, ‘Bibo waBesheer’ and many more

A Helping Hand:

Hany Adel provides young rising bands the opportunity to record their music in Wust El Balad’s studio as he knows how it is hard for new talents to find a place to record and rehearse.

Cinematic Rise:

Hany has a blooming cinematic potential. He entered the film industry many years ago with a movie by Khairy Beshara called ‘Leila fel Ammar’, and the duet also joined forces in a serial called ‘Heroub Men El Gharb’. In ‘Heliopolis’ we saw Hany in a very difficult role that needed intensive training, followed by ‘Microphone’, both directed by Ahmed Abdallah. He also starred in the multi award-winning film ‘Asmaa’ by Amr Salama.

On What Women Want:

“Egyptian women tend to feel uncomfortable sharing lots of things with their husbands, fearing to be accused of lack of ethics, but we must share everything, we expose our naked bodies in front of one another, how come we don’t expose our feelings and thoughts”, Hany Adel to What Women Want Magazine…, October 2010.

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