People We Love: Aida El Ayoubi

A voice from heaven:

Aida is gifted with a heavenly voice that shot her to fame in the late 80’s. Until this day, her masterpiece album “Ala Bali” is in every Egyptian home. In the mid 90’s, Aida disappeared from the commercial music scene in Egypt engaging in religious “Inshad” music.

The Comeback:

Last yearCairokee convinced Aida to collaborate with them on the song ‘El Midan’, which was an outstanding surprise to her fans. The song reached millions of people all over the world and was a huge success, encouraging Aida to join other musical projects.

A practicing Sufi:

Aida is a woman who respects her privacy, her family, her music and her close relationship with God.She went into Sufi art and found her inner peace. Aida became very selective about her choices as she decided to only sing national and religious songs.Before the revolution, she wrote and produced songs that were released in Ramadan, but they never reached the commercial world.

On What Women Want:

For Aida, it’s very important for a woman to have a nice home for her family. While some women prefer career over family, Aida’s family is her major concern.

Our Favorite Quote:

“When you forget about your ego, you live much happier and you are content with yourself. You enjoy the quality of life and your priorities become different. My priority is considering God in everything I do”, Aida El Ayoubi to What Women Want Magazine, January 2012.


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