On Mixing High-end with High Street: What Berna’s Got Up Her Sleeve!

As the Egyptian sense of fashion re-establishes itself, Egyptian Fashion bloggers begin to adapt to the environment and study their audience carefully. Some bloggers may be too unrealistic to the Egyptian fashion capabilities, but Berna Ibrahim knows her target and just how to dress them. We sit with Berna for a talk on what’s in her closet, what’s in this season, and how to mix high-street with high-end.

1. When did your passion for fashion start?

I always had a talent for being sociable and very persuasive; so naturally I majored in marketing. My father has me helping out with his foreign trade company, which I do with a smile, but what I really love is fashion styling. When I first came to Egypt I had the impression that dressing here has to be different, so much more conservative than what I’m used to. Turns out, there are people with really good taste! So I started an inspirational account on Instagram and thought about maybe selling some pieces until a friend invited me to an event, which was the start of it all. I love working for my father, but I’m passionate about fashion, and would do all its chores without complaining.


2. What inspired you to start B-blog?

I felt like in Egypt, the blogging industry is not very widespread. And I felt like it could have a really good reach when it’s an actual blog, rather than an Instagram account. I, along with my friend Shereen Hammad, want the viewers to feel like they too can be unique, in their own styles. I hate imitation; your sense has to always be present when you’re deciding what to wear and I’m trying to do that using my blog. I think it could really help the fashion industry in Egypt to rise fast.  


3. What are the five things every girl should know about fashion?

First, you have to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Second, not everything you wear has to make a statement. Choose one thing to focus on; hair, makeup, outfit, but just one thing. Third, don’t overdo it with the trends. Just because studs are in, doesn’t mean you have to be head to toe in studs. Fourth, dress for your body type. I admire confidence, but not all styles can be worn by all people; each body type has yays and nays. And finally, always be aware of personal hygiene. Nails should always be clean for example, so you’re not forced into different style choices because your nails weren’t ready to be seen in public. 


Vintage dress and Valentino heels

Shoes, of course! Specifically my Nude Valentino’s!


5. What’s the most “in” item this season?

Denim on denim! Embrace all your denim! Slippers are also really in right now; flip-flops and berks. 


6. Flared jeans, yes or no?

Yes, I love them! They’re an effortless statement. 


7. What’s your one go-to bag?

My LV mini messenger bag. 


8. Heels or flats?

Heels, but I’m already tall so I don’t get to wear them as often as I would like. 


9. Do I need to rob a bank to get pretty heels?

No not at all actually; most high-street stores now make designs that are very similar to high-end brands; very good quality and won’t break your budget. Their designs are even prettier sometimes! 

Pants and blazer by Asos, Shoes by Louboutin


10. What’s the top high street buy this season?

Denim, of course. 

Pants by H&M, shoes by Zara, clutch by Chanel

 11. What’s the top high end buy?

Invest in a staple high-end shoe or bag. Large envelope clutches are very in right now. 


12. This season, tight and tailored or loose and comfy?

Loose and comfy. Harem pants, boyfriend jeans, mom jeans and oversized jackets are all in. 


13. What’s your go-to piece of jewelry?

I actually always forget to put on accessories when I’m styling my outfits, but if there’s one place you’ll always find me, it’s at H&M’s accessories section.


 Follow Berna on Instagram @brnibrahim and on her blog www.bernaibrahim.com/

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