Nothing gives a statement like an upcycled dress:
Aquafina team-up with Rabbit Experience, Upfuse, Kojak and the Dazzling Dorra in an Eco-friendly Dress

Could you please take a second and look at all these water bottles you drank and tossed away in the garbage, or, to set the records got re-filled? 

Let us shock you with this: Unlike traditional recycling, Aquafina is turning its plastic into new fashionable products, offering environmental benefits for El Gouna Film Festival in its 3rd Edition.  



Being responsible and sensible towards the environment, Aquafina just started initiative by collaborating with UpFuse and Kojak Studio to turn 300 PLASTIC BOTTLES into a beautifully sewn eco-friendly dress! 


Are you impressed yet? Wait They also did not forsake quality nor texture dressing someone like Dorra, who always turns heads during the previous Film Festivals. Now, setting the bar high during the 3rd Edition of Gouna Film Festival Aquafina collected plastic bottles & dressed Dorra shimmered in a dress made of 300 UPCYCLED Aquafina plastic bottles. 


Aquafina are doing their bit by being socially and environmentally conscious this is just the start to raise awareness about our carbon footprint! The Program was based on installing baskets in El Gouna film festival in its 3rd edition to collect the plastic bottles and then turn them into fashionable products, a lot of celebrities & influencers participated in the up-cycling program like Mariam el Khosht who presented the event, Enjy Kiwan, Aya Samaha, Hend Abd El Halim & Bushra one of the GFF event owners showed support by placing the bottle Cap waiting for us to reveal what will be done with the plastic.


A big applause should be given to the hands that cut these bottles and the effort made by the sewers who have stitched every and each bottle used for the dress! 

Shout out to Aquafina, Rabbit experience, Upfuse and Kojak Sudio for helping raise awareness about consciousness towards the environment one step at a time!

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