Nadine Sherif Jewellery: the Perfect Blend between History and Design

Nadine Sherif Jewellery

Nadine Sherif is an award-winning jewellery designer whose passion always reflects on her powerful statement jewellery pieces. Nadine Sherif graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in architecture in 2013 and she went on to apply the attention to detail and execution she got from her major to Jewellery design. That later led to Nadine winning the Cairo Design Award headed by Azza Fahmy. Nadine Sherif’s attention to detail and her ability to tell historic stories through her designs has led her to found Nadine Sherif Jewellery; her business where she gets to share her vision with the world. 

We sat down with Nadine to know more about her journey! 

When did you first realize you wanted to be a jewellery designer?

I have always been fascinated by gems and jewellery. There is so much beauty and artistic detail behind each jewellery piece. When I won the CDA award I was sure that this was where my real passion lay. It was a turning point in my life because it led me to start my business and my brand. 

How do you bring your vision to life?

Being an architect taught me a lot about how to think and work on my concept. It helped me be precise and illustrative of details through my drawings to show my identity.  

I start by reading, researching, and highlighting the elements that will help in developing the design theme. After that, I start sketching these ideas on paper. Then, I start implementing what I drew on paper on a 2d program called Autocad with dimensions and details. I make a 3D hand model using Canson paper for the statement piece for elaboration.

Nadine Sherif Jewellery
3D Canson Model

Then, the pieces are finally ready for execution. The last step is the execution through the hands of some of the most talented Egyptian Jewellery artisans. They bring the designs to life through their skills and experience.

They tell my story through the jewels and it truly is a work of art. 

All your collections have a clear theme, like the beautiful Ottoman Collection, tell us about the process of research and execution

I have two main collections the Ottoman collection and the Tribal collection

The Ottoman Collection

This jewellery collection is an inspirational blend between the powerful Ottoman architecture and the luxurious jewellery material of the same era. The Islamic heritage is very rich in concepts, values, and artistic beauty that are reflected in arts and architecture. The pieces are influenced by the beauty of geometrical patterns and designs of Islamic art. The use of sterling silver (925) and gold (18k) or brass creates an eminent colour contrast and prominence in the jewellery piece. Another target in the collection design is to preserve the precious Ottoman inspirational elements and heritage and to apply it in a current and up to date style that suits modern women and fits their needs in elegance and fashion.

Nadine Sherif Jewellery
The Tribal collection

This jewellery collection is inspired by the early Savage Tribes. They were captured by nature and it shows in their admirable patterns. They were guided by the instinctive observation of the forms in which all the works of nature are arranged, thus creating all the fabulous geometrical arrangements that we see in their works. 

One of the main targets in the design is to show the beauty of the geometrical pattern carvings created by the Savage Tribes. The use of a certain pattern in a repetitive manner to form a final unique piece of jewellery. As well as using a dagger weapon in the design to add value, strength, and power. In addition, involving the solid and void technique to make each designed piece more distinctive, evident, and eye-catchy.

Nadine Sherif Jewellery

What is your favourite piece or collection you’ve ever created?

My favourite piece is the first piece that I have ever designed which is the statement front and back adjustable Ottoman necklace. This was my real start and my lucky charm piece that led to all of the other designs. Also, it’s the main piece that made me win the Cairo Design Award. 

Nadine Sherif Jewellery
The statement front & back adjustable Ottoman necklace

What do you want women to feel when they are wearing any of your pieces?

My slogan for the brand is “Exceptionally for you”

When I first started designing jewellery, my main goal was to suit and embrace every woman’s beauty. I don’t mass produce and we are not an online store that customizes jewellery or other designers’ work. So, I wanted to suit every woman’s personality and style. I can readjust the units of my designs to fit the client’s taste and style and still reflect my own identity and spirit. 

Who has been your biggest mentor or inspiration in this industry?

The great and talented Azza Fahmy for sure. She is a true artist and I love how she represents our culture in her designs. 

I also admire the great fashion designers Ellie Saab and Zuhair Murad because of their creativity and dedication to very minor details. I love how they represent their concepts in the fabric and the designs they create.

How did you feel when you got the Cairo Design Award? 

It was an incredible and indescribable feeling. I felt like a star. 

I felt seen and appreciated.

Winning made me sure that it was time to take a real step towards my dream and passion and the positive comments assured me that I have a bright future awaiting me. 

Nadine Sherif Jewellery

What were the biggest challenges you faced when you started and how did you overcome them?

The hardest part for me was the execution. I didn’t know anyone who worked in the jewellery field, so I just went to Khan El Khalili and I started to look for workshops that could execute my designs. 

Some workshops told me that my designs couldn’t be executed and that I had to make them simpler. I refused because doing that was going to wreck the details in my designs and wipe my own identity. I held on to every detail. It took me some time to find a place that I could trust and the team that understood my mindset and appreciated my work. 

What is your advice for other aspiring jewellery designers?

My advice to any designer is that if you have a dream don’t let anything stop you no matter what. The obstacles will shape you and put you on the right track. 

Also, as a designer, you need to have an identity in your designs. If someone saw your work, they should know that you are the designer. This is actually the thing that will carry your name for a long time. 

Nadine Sherif Jewellery What’s your goal for the future?

I believe there is no limit to inspiration. There are many perspectives and boundless ideas you can get just by looking at art, architecture, and nature. So, My aim is to transfer the most varied experiences and perspectives into the jewels. I want to characterize the collections with an unmistakable mark of identity and uniqueness. I want to display and promote art in unique and outstanding jewellery pieces.

What would you say to your past self before starting your career as a jewellery designer?

I am proud of you that you took the risk and decided to shift your career. I am proud of you for running after what you really loved regardless of all the ups and downs that you went through.

You can check more of Nadine’s work on Nadine Sherif Jewellery website, Instagram, or Facebook!

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