Nada Akram’s new collection Playful, Fabulous and Chic!

Nada Akram’s new collection is all what a girl wants. The pretty colors and playful prints are fabulous and unique.

Although winter is already here, NA made her December collection colorful unlike the usual winter trends with monochromes and neutral prints. “I was never a fan of winter, it always depresses me and I had to replacewinter’s dark earth extracts color palette to create more interesting shades. I have been making this for a couple of years now and people encourage it” Nada comments.

With an infinite number of designers and ‘fashionistas’ emerging in the fashion scene, copycats are lurking around each and every corner. Some people copy others, the fact that many designers are furious about. “With every collection the fury decreases as I know they wont be able to survive for long. I started to take this as a compliment lately,but it’s a shame that those copycats get supportedby media and some popular galleries. This is theworst thing about my field honestly,” Nada says.

NA chose the beautiful actress Arwa Gouda as the face of her new collection. Fabulous choice isn’t it? “Arwais great blend of the Egyptian features and flair. She has an open mind to funky fashion and we became friends from the first sight!” Nada tells. “Having her as the face of my collection was such an honor” she adds.

Many young celebs are paying attention to young designers and that’s good news to the young fashion industry in Egypt. “Yes certainly, I agree! Celebs want to feel unique and different and that’s why they search for the unique and different. For me, it’s a great kind of exposure to have this kind of support from stars who ask me to dress them for different occasions” Nada says.

Nada’s career has been escalated in the past couple of years which pops the question, when is the next big boutique? “That’s my big goal but before this dream comes true,I need to start building an empire foundation.I started NA sports line and working on more lines in my future plan” Nada explains.

NA is now selling in Egypt, Dubai and Kuwait and will be joining Fashion Forward next edition in Dubai.

Instagram: @nadaakramdesigns

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