Mood Booster Sushi Menu!

If you need something that boosts your mood during PMS or after a harsh break up sushi is all what women want! Sushi has been proven to have health benefits and to be an ultimate mood booster!

Popular Types and ingredients of Sushi that’ll boost your mood:

Ura California

Mood Booster Ingredients

Avocado slices: provide good nutrition and a mood boost as well! They are sources of folic acid, which combats depression and fights the blues so you can be smiling all day long.

Cucumbers: the “mood stabilizers” that keep your mood balanced.

Crab: high in b12 and omega 3, like all other types of fish, and has mood boosting effects!

Ura Tekka Maki:

Mood Booster Ingredients:


Wards off cancer and makes your heart and eyes healthy too! It is also a mood-booster, improving your mood and saving you a whole lot of stress.

Kiwi Rainbow Roll:

Mood Booster Ingredients:


It’s rich in Vitamins A, E, D and B. In some parts of Japan, it’s sold as a health-boosting supplement.

Sliced Kiwi:

Kiwis are energy boosters, vitalizing you from inside out and giving you the extra push you sometimes need after a long day’s work!

Mozzarella Shrimp:

Mood Booster Ingredients

Fish eggs:

Vitamin D, which keeps your mind relaxed and free of tension thanks to the omega-oils which are also present in it.

Mozzarella Cheese:

The calcium in it helps maintain healthy blood pressure and it’s a good source of protein too!

Philadelphia Roll:

Mood Booster Ingredients

Cream cheese: Contains calcium and protein though not as much as other cheeses, which can give you energy!

Smoked Salmon: Salmon’s a total stress buster, lifting your mood and making you feel at ease. It also improves memory and keeps you alert for a number of hours and improves your metabolism so you can burn fats more easily.

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