Mint “I’m always an early bird; I’m the Ramadan party pooper”


Mint, the founder of Pole Fit Egypt tells us all about her Ramadan routine, how she stays so fit, and some family gossip!


Did you ever do the not eat only drink fast when you were younger?

No, but I would fast only until 12PM

Do you prefer hanging out in front of the TV watching Mosalsalat or being on the pole?

Neither, all I do is stretch!

What Ramadan advice do you give your pole girls?

For those who want to work out, they can do it right before Iftar. Since we don’t do pole during Ramadan, I encourage them to work on flexibility and stretches.

What’s the best and worst thing about family gatherings during Ramadan?

Best: you get to bond and see family members that you haven’t seen in ages while enjoying great food.

Worst: Too much bonding, which leads them to get crazy involved in your life.

Describe yourself on the first day of Ramadan vs the last day

First day: Hangry!

Last day: All I can think of is the beach. Beach pole!

Sherihan or Nelly?


Are you one of those people who sleep all day and are up all night?

No, everyone in my team hates me because I make sure we’re working by 10. I’m like the Ramadan party pooper

Do you ever make Ramadan resolutions? Do you keep up with them?

I usually make fitness related ones, and I stick with them

Sohour at home or out?

Definitely out, but Iftar is best at home.

How do you entertain yourself before iftar?

I work out every day between 3 and 5. Before that, I use Ramadan to study and work on my business. I try to get productive.


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