Meet Mariam Elshebokshey: Founder of Kidzkit!

Mariam Elshebokshy’s story with Kidzkit started when she first gave birth to her daughter in 2019. Mariam wanted to buy a breast pump and while talking to one of her relatives living in the Netherlands, they asked her why she couldn’t just rent what she needed. That is when Mariam had a light bulb moment. They were right, why couldn’t she just rent what she needed? 

Mariam then was traveling back and forth from Alexandria and carrying everything every time was truly challenging. That is when Mariam did all the research she needed, talked to people who had the same business outside Egypt, and started thinking strategically of what could benefit the Egyptian market. Shortly after, the journey of Kidzkit began becoming the first baby gear rental marketplace in Egypt. Mariam Elshebokshy managed to find a great gap in the market and solve it, making it easier for all parents. 

We sat down with the amazing Mariam Elshebokshy to know more about Kidzkit


How did you bring Kidzkit to life?

I created 3 prototypes and tested them with friends. After that, I started talking to moms in different groups and communities. They loved the idea.

I listened to their main points to make sure I solve the right problems.

The process started with research. However, it’s a part of the process that never ends because the whole team learns something new every day.  


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How would you describe Kidzkit to people who might not be familiar with it?

Kidzkit is the first baby gear rental market in Egypt and the Mena region. We rent all baby gear; you will find strollers, car seats, sleeping cribs, breast pumps, high chairs, and so much more. 

How does the process of renting go?

The parents search for the product they need on our website. After that, they choose the date and rental period. We contact them to confirm the delivery & collecting dates. We have a cleaning & sanitizing lab that’s why the order takes 48 hours to be delivered. We deliver and collect all over Cairo and Giza free of charge.

Does Kidzkit connect people to rent from each other or does it already have the tools for immediate rent?

Kidzkit helps families rent their kids’ tools that are no longer used. We check their quality and take them to our warehouse. We are responsible for the whole operation; cleaning, sanitizing, delivery, and collection as well. By end of each month, the parents earn the profit on their rented item, so it’s a hassle-free service for vendors and renters. 

What is the importance of having local services that are relevant to working moms?

I used to travel to a lot and talk to moms from different environments, religions, and cultures. So, as a traveling mom and a researcher, I found this service everywhere outside Egypt. What makes Kidzkit reverberate is that we understand our market. We understand the economic change and the Egyptian market. 


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I would love to help parents put their money into something that will benefit their kids for their whole life. Something like sports and learning new skills that improve their personality, mind, and soul. 

How would you like Kidzkit to help parents?

We help families de-clutter their homes by removing stored kids’ tools that are no longer used and take up a lot of space. 


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We help mothers make a side income while taking care of their kids by renting their kids’ unneeded tools to other families, instead of selling their kids’ items and losing at least 50% of their cost. Also, with how expensive the market has become, your family can unload the burden of purchasing kids’ tools, by renting necessary items for as long as you need. You can save a lot of money and rent a lot of stuff with the price of 1 bought item.

We help families travel light & stress-free with no hassle of gear packing and shipping. Bulky baby gear is heavy to carry and could be broken or lost while shipping. 

It helps support the circular economy. Moreover, reduce the environmental impact that baby equipment has on the planet.

What are your future goals?

Our goal is not only to provide short-term rentals but also long-term ones. The main objective is to stabilize and then scale to other counties. There are many great opportunities and offers that we receive. Soon, there will be great news to share with you.

What is Kidzkit’s motto? 

What we don’t accept for our kids, we will never accept for other parents’ kids.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I and the team were impressed by the number of orders, for the two weeks we got more than 30 orders, also we found the parents send us feedback once they get their rental order, they are happy with the care and the sanitized and clean products. 

“A house becomes a home when it’s surrounded with love and care, not stuff.”

Finally, I would love to thank my daughter because she inspired me to start Kidzkit. She will be always my inspiration. 

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You can check Kidzkit here, and on Facebook and Instagram!

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