Marbouha Foul Cart: From Accounting to Foul

In a country where accomplishing your dreams is getting harder by the day, Foul Marbouha proves there is still good in the world. A young Accountant at a firm in Alexandria who decided to quit his job and pursue his dream career in cooking, is now the proud owner of a hustling and bustling Foul Marbouha cart in Heliopolis.

“I’ve always wanted to be a Chef at Fairmont but my mother didn’t think it was right for a person to have a high degree and cook for a living, since it wouldn’t do you justice. But I see the complete opposite. I think that as long as you’re doing what you love and you’re getting good money out of it then you’re leading a great life.”

The owner previously cooked for friends and colleagues then took it to full-on catering when he got positive feedback and “great money”, he explains.

“This is my third year here and it’s always as crowded as you see right now. I love my job now but hopefully the place I open at Ain Shams will be a more stable place.”

We recommend you try Foul Marbouha, their Greek cheese with its secret recipe and the delicious fries! Go early though, you’ll be waiting a while in line.



Foul Marbouha Cart: Nozha Street, opposite to Tanoura and Mince, Heliopolis.




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