L’Oréal Paris Holds Celebration For Women of Worth at the Pyramids in Representation of Culture!

L’Oréal Paris arranged a celebration for women of worth at the Pyramids in representation of culture, history, and luxury. The event’s main aim is to celebrate the power of women throughout the years. It is a reminder for all women that they are worth it, that they can do and achieve everything they set their minds to. Over 300 influencers and top celebrities of all fields all over Egypt attended the Women of Worth event. This further proves the efforts of L’Oréal Paris to represent and give a voice to all women.

Women of Worth

The Celebration for Women of Worth event drew on three main pillars of the L’Oréal Paris brand; first is Parisian luxury, then science, and women empowerment. The brand celebrated 50 years of the “Because you’re worth it” slogan and the movements supported of L’Oréal Paris to empower women.

 L’Oreal Paris international & MENA spokes have joined forces to speak about women of worth by L’Oréal Paris through multiple displays on different screens. Each celebrity gave a powerful speech on women empowerment, how we can raise each other up, and how our womanhood has always been a strength. The screens featured celebrities and ambassadors of L’Oréal Paris tackling Lessons of Worth like Mona Zaki, Eva Longoria, Sara Onsi, Aseel Omran, Camilla Cabello, and Viola Davis.

Successful Women On Stage

The event included a panel of 4 inspirational and motivational women to discuss their journeys. The panel featured Sham Al Zahabi who is a prominent figure in the science field, Sara Aziz the founder of Metamen NGO and the partner with L’Oréal for the standup initiative, Sara Onsi who is a tycoon in the fashion industry and lastly Rania Hammad who is a strong inspirational public figure and a strong advocate for body positivity. Together, and through the Woman of Worth event, these women were able to speak up fully, and in return inspire and motivate other women to raise their voices, and see themselves truly through the journeys of such amazing women.

Standing Up Against Sexual Harassment

Women Of Worth event included a dedicated station to showcase its international initiative “Stand up” program to encourage all attendees to join forces to fight the #1 problem worldwide “street harassment”.

Stand Up L'oreal

Stand up is all about standing up against sexual harassment in all situations, it provides training to help people act up against sexual harassment through the 5D methodology. Additionally, during the event, L’Oreal Paris announced the partnership with Metamen NGO to reach 50,000 Egyptian trained in the program over the coming years.

The Egyptian MENA Spokesperson “Mona Zaki” Appearance

Although unable to attend in person, Mona Zaki’s presence was nothing short of shaking to each and every one in the audience. She recorded her speech to make sure everyone in the room felt her love and support to empower all women out there. No woman is ever alone when her community is around.

The Science Behind L’Oréal Paris

Science is one of the most important pillars behind L’Oréal Paris. L’Oréal shows that through its different practices. For instance, the retail lab which presents Hyaluron expert and the infallible makeup line with a spotlight on the hero of hair care which is the Ex-oil serum. The retail lab had several tables that demonstrated the science behind their serums which further emphasizes transparency behind the products of L’Oréal, allowing women to choose based on actual scientific and sanitary evidence.

Lastly, one of the stations of the event was an interview studio to interview the attendees. It is meant to give every woman the chance to speak, to be heard, and to be fully herself. L’Oréal Paris understands the true power of giving someone a voice and that’s what the WOW event is all about.

The Women of Worth event is for all women, and it is for every woman who feels like she doesn’t belong, or doesn’t know how to speak up. Now, with initiatives and events like this, women will be able to feel more at peace, at home, and supported by women exactly like them. It takes a lot to give someone a voice, and it takes a community to let someone know how to use it.

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