L’Oréal Paris Egypt’s ‘Stand Up’ Empowers Women to Feel Safe in Public Spaces

Mona Zaki Stand Up

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, L’Oréal Paris Egypt’s ‘Stand Up’ Empowers Women to Feel Safe in Public Spaces.

Because We’re Worth It

For over 50 years now, L’Oréal Paris have been telling women that they’re worth it. An integral element of their mission has been to uplift women, to help them have the confidence they need to shine and to achieve their dreams. Ensuring that no one’s left behind, they’ve had spokes representing. In turn empowering every woman, telling each of them that “they’re worth it”.

Now, they’re telling women they deserve to feel safe in public spaces. They understand that women’s sense of beauty comes from their self-confidence and ability to fulfill their dreams. They also understand how sexual harassment impedes that. So, joining the fight against sexual harassment, L’Oréal Paris Egypt have launched ‘Stand Up’ in Egypt.

L’Oréal Paris Egypt Stands Up

‘Stand Up’ aims to give a million people training on how to fight sexual harassment in public spaces. It’s an international program that has seen great success since L’Oréal Paris launched it last year.

Knowing that 78% of women globally experience harassment in public spaces, and only 28% say someone has helped.

L’Oréal Paris believe ending harassment is integral to their mission to uplift women. It is important to harness their self-confidence and break the barriers standing in their way to achieve their dreams

Mona Zaki & StandUp

Mona Zaki Stand Up
Mona Zaki for L’Oréal Egypt’s Stand Up

At the beginning of this year, L’Oréal Paris announced the collaboration with the Egyptian megastar Mona Zaki as L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador. Later by the year, Mona Zaki announced she has taken the STANDUP training and encouraged people to join the movement. We have witnessed her speaking about it at a live session at Dubai Expo where she shed light on the importance of every woman having the right to feel worthy, appreciated, and supported in her journey against all challenges.

The 5 Ds

The program was a result of a collaboration between L’Oréal Paris and ‘Holleback’, a global movement dedicated to ending harassment and the culture that perpetuates it. The training provided by ‘Stand Up’ follows a ‘5Ds’ strategy. It trains bystanders witnessing harassment to interrupt the harasser by

Distracting the victim.

Delegating to stop the harassment.

Documenting the harassment.

Directly calling out the harasser.

Delay strategy.

So, the 5Ds should enable witnesses to safely step in incidents of harassment to ensure the safety of both the witnesses and the victims. The training is available online for everyone to access and take the training in Arabic & English.

You can take the training here.

Get Trained and Picture the “D” on Your Hand

L’Oréal Paris Egypt launched the program on June – 1st with their employees who received a full training session by Hollaback. It was followed by a big social media campaign that used a very emotional video showing different harassment situations and ways of helping.


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In a reaction we see so many people advocating and encouraging their followers to take the training. Take a picture with “D” on hand as a strong statement of joining the movement.

The program rollout will be in collaboration with ‘Metamen’ NGO led by Sara Aziz. Metamen has been developing educational campaigns tackling the sexual assault of children and adults in Egypt since its establishment a few years ago. “We’re very proud of our collaboration with Metamen. Our joined forces will surely allow this training to be taken by the highest number of people,” said Nahla Mokhtar L’Oréal Corporate Affairs, Engagement & Sustainability. “We believe that together, we will spread a lot of awareness and can make effective change,” she continued.

Every woman deserves to feel safe

Every woman deserves to achieve her dreams

Because you are worth it!

Make sure to check out https://www.loreal-paris.eg/en for more!

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