Protect and Pamper your Skin this Summer with L’Oreal Paris Clays Routine!

Summertime is here at last, and it is the perfect time to soak up the sun rays and become true mermaids, never leaving the beach until sundown. Do not let anything stop you from enjoying your precious summer outings, not even bad skin days. Whether you are looking to detoxify, brighten, glow or mattify your skin, L’Oreal has got just the right thing for you. The L’Oreal Paris Clay Routine is here to ensure your skin always looks its best and that you will never miss a fabulous summer outing or event due to skin trouble!

L’Oreal Paris has perfected the ultimate skin care line for you and it is all about that clay! After the resounding success of L’Oreal’s Clay masks, they have blessed our beauty routines with more clay products. This time, we are obsessing about the Clay gel wash, which works beautifully with the masks.

As with the masks, the gel wash comes in three different types: the Clay Gel with Charcoal, which is perfect to detoxify your skin; Clay Gel with Eucalyptus, this one will remove excess sebum leaving your skin mattified; and the Clay Gel with Red Algae, a fabulous scrub that will give you the perfect glow.

In order to keep your skin well protected, cleaned and pampered, stick to a beauty regimen that is most suitable for your skin. Use the Clay gel wash once a day, and the Clay mask twice a week, to ensure your skin is getting the proper nurturing it really needs in this weather.

Give your skin the love it deserves, and it will not revolt against you the next time you’ve got an important summer wedding coming up!

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