Lady Uses Plastic Surgery to get Three Breasts

Jasmine Tridevil just 21 years old. Her story is going viral right now as the girl who got plastic surgery to give herself a third breast!
First of all, Total Recall, anyone? Second of all, why!? Well as the young lady explains, she gave herself this extreme plastic surgery not only in search of fame – which she seems quite fond of – but also because she wanted to make herself unattractive to men! Little does she know; there’s a fetish for almost anything these days. We’re pretty sure that at least some men will find her attractive.
According to Tridevil, many surgeons declined her request for this operation. Ethics code, being their excuse, obviously. However, she managed to find someone who agreed to do it. So far, she was interviewed on the radio, featured on Buzzfeed and her YouTube video is going viral. If it’s fame Ms. Tridevil wanted, she’s definitely got it.

Link to her YouTube video is right here. NSFW:

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