Kafkaesque: An Exhibition By Rons ElBatal Where She Uses Art to Visualize Her Feelings

Rons ElBatal artist

Rania Elbatal, also known as Rons ElBatal is an amazing artist who recently held her first exhibition “Kafkaesque”. Rons ElBatal’s work is mesmerizing. The pieces she exhibited in the event are evident of her beautiful work. Her art takes you on a journey, with the colors, the shapes, and the human parts scattered around. You will find yourself hypnotized by her paintings.

We sat down with Rons ElBatal, to learn more about her artistic journey.


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Did you always know you wanted to be an artist? 

I always loved doing things with my hands. I painted on t-shirts, did beading, and I had a bag line. So creating art was always my passion.

colorful painting on a wall by Rons ElBatal

How did you first get into the art scene? 

I can’t really say I am in the art scene. However, I have been painting for some years now, just for myself. Until I decided to have the courage to hold an exhibition.


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Where do you draw inspiration from? What are some of your muses? 

My inspiration is very well affected by my mood, life, emotions, and humans.


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What does art mean to you? 

Art means an expression of my deepest emotions even if I am not aware of them. It has become an addiction. Now, my brain just lights up when I am thinking about what I am painting.

What messages do you hope to send through your art? 

Art is for everyone, everyone can express themselves through a form of art.

There is no good or bad art, it’s all beautiful and individual.

You once posted a painting of yourself with the caption “I’m every woman”, in light of that painting, how important is it for you to represent women and womanhood in your art? 


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I am obsessed with women, maybe because I express my emotional state and the aspects of being a woman through my art. We are all the same more or less. We have the basic desire of loving and being loved and understood. Women need to know how lovely and powerful they are with all their sides, the angel and the demon, the docile and the wild.

Tell us about your first event, Kafkaesque. What prompted the idea for the exhibition, and what was the process to bring it to life? 

My mixed media Exhibition is an invitation for each person to see other dimensions of themselves. One day you will see a cat, another day you will see a heart, it’s like a mood reflector. We are like diamonds that have many facets. We work together to shine the light of the diamond. I wanted to show that no one, no art, nothing is perfect yet here lies the perfection. I wasn’t afraid to show all my sides through Kafkaesque; the sad, happy, hating, lonely, grateful sides.


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What is the importance of having a community of women around to support you and your journey?  

I think we are all projections of each other, each woman teaches you something through her love and experience. Each woman gives you a kind of love that shows her love language. I am grateful and thankful to every woman and male as well in my life. Whether it is my sister, friend, mother, daughter, therapist, or healer. They are all in my heart and I have little pieces of them with me and in me.


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What goals do you have for the future?

I just want to paint and paint and paint.   

You can check out more art from Rons ElBatal here!

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