Jumia in a Glance: 10 Years of Supporting & Empowering All Women


Jumia has truly set an example for female empowerment and support throughout its 10 years in the market. Jumia’s workforce is as diverse as it ever gets. Whether it’s about working in logistics, delivery, or any other job that has been male-dominated in the past; Jumia gives their female employees their respective chance to have equal opportunities. Also, Jumia’s empowerment doesn’t stop here. All women find their voice through Jumia’s inclusive environment. Whether they’re customers, employees, or sellers, all women have Jumia’s support. 

Jumia’s People!

To further show the impact, Jumia’s gathered some testimonials from women working within the company in a variety of fields. Jumia’s delivery agent in Nasr City is one of the women behind Jumia’s great contributions. She speaks of her amazing experience alongside her male colleagues and the work itself saying that “Women can do anything they want”.


“Jumia is one of the biggest companies that encourage women’s empowerment” says Alaa ElRasheedy, Head of Operations Logistics at Jumia.

Nihal Hamed, Jumia’s warehouse manager also says “I watched Jumia’s innovation and growth and I was given the opportunity to become the warehouse manager. The most challenging thing is balancing my work and raising kids but the commonality is that both require effort and time”

Nada Khaled, Head of Jumia’s Last Mile also said “Any woman can work in any career and achieve great things. If one wants to work, they will find the opportunity here. We do not hire based on gender, but on the requirements a person has.”

Jumia’s Support is Everywhere!

On the other hand, Jumia also supports local female business owners through their platform to get the exposure they need. They help their businesses reach a wider marketplace and more consumers. Not just this, it is contributing to the empowerment of local handmade female businesses and their growth, allowing more exposure to a truly authentic Egyptian talent to consumers that they otherwise wouldn’t reach.

With Jumia empowering local artists, we see Fatma, an Egyptian crochet artist, speak of how beneficial Jumia was to her experience. 

Another vendor, Kiri Boules, speaks about how Jumia has helped her with balancing owning a business and raising kids by dividing her time accordingly and helping her grow her business reach.

Finally, Jumia’s vendors also thanks Jumia for its support. 

Jumia has been an asset to empowering women in the Egyptian society for 10 years. And it doesn’t plan on stopping. 

Here’s to the women at Jumia, and to women everywhere who fight for their rights for equal opportunities and to all the places that abide to provide them with it.

Here’s to all the places that truly listen. Jumia listens, too.

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