Jonah Hill Breaks the Stigma Around Male Therapy in Netflix’s “Stutz”

A while ago, Netflix dropped a Jonah Hill documentary about his own therapist, Stutz. Jonah Hill wanted to pay tribute to his shrink, so he switched roles with Stutz whilst they had one of the most eye-opening conversations. You will get to see Jonah Hill and Phil Stutz for who they are; humans who struggle, and you will, strangely enough, laugh out loud.

“We’ve been shooting for two years, and we’re wearing the same clothes every day, pretending it’s one session, but it’s been years. And we’re on a green screen. We’re not in your office. And I’m literally wearing a wig right now” Jonah Hill in the movie “Stutz”

The Vulnerability of Stutz 

Suddenly you’re not just watching a movie, you’re watching a real conversation about being vulnerable, about struggling to accept who you are, about not knowing how to let go of the past. You feel normal. You are not alone, you’re not the only one struggling. Even the therapist is struggling, but he’s here to help you with what he has, and we’re here to listen. 

 “These tools turn problems into possibilities”— Said Stutz about his methods 

Anyone who is trying to find their way through life should watch Stutz. Throughout the movie, Jonah Hill and Dr. Phil Stutz talk about their own experiences and the tools Dr. Stutz has created to not only help himself and his patients but to help anyone who watches this movie find their passion and to guide them when they feel lost. These tools mainly teach you the importance of your relationship with yourself, your body, and people. They also shield you from the illusions your mind creates and the tricks your brain does on you; all in the hope of creating the life you want and accepting your imperfect self. 

The Making of Stutz

Making this movie was a struggle for Jonah himself, which made it all the more relatable. He was teaching us to be vulnerable while he, himself, was being vulnerable. Wanting everything to go smoothly and look so well put together almost ruined it for him, which I am really glad didn’t. 

In this movie, Jonah Hill took years’ worth of therapy and put them in a movie, a fun, funny, real, and realistic movie, and it’s only fair that these techniques are now known. They can help you live the life you want and deserve, and understand how you can make your brain work with you and not against you. 

All the imperfections in this film are what made it perfect. I am certain that this movie will change how movies about mental health are made. I hope that this movie will help people realize the actual importance of mental health instead of the false promotion of it. 

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