Is PMSing a Fake Excuse?

Most men like to think that Premenstrual Syndrome is a fake excuse women use to act bipolar and get away with it once a month. In the female world however, we all know PMS is as real as that inevitable chocolate craving it causes. Yes, dear men, we do tend to get a little crazy when PMSing, but hey those are the tough times you promised to love us through. Here are a few we are sure sound familiar:



You’re the reason behind my misery. Somehow, the men in our lives turn into the root of all evil, and even “good morning” turns into an inconsiderate and judgmental phrase.



We’re all in sync. If other females share the house with you, this is when all the clashes peak. Who ate my ice cream? Don’t you know I’m PMSing? Well so am I! And the list goes on.



All hail food! Whether it’s chocolate and desserts, comfort food and lots of carbs, or even healthy food (for those who have that kind of self control) food becomes calorie-less and indispensible.



Here come the bloaties. Regardless of whether or not we’ve overdosed on food, we still feel bloated enough to list floating as our preferred means of transportation.



No sexy clothes ever again. Step away from the bodycon dress. There is no way we could pull that off right now, and it feels like we never will again. Suddenly boyfriend jeans and oversized sweaters are our new best friend.



I have no reason to live. The only thing you can expect us to do right now is snuggle in bed, and the person who tries to get us out of it may go mysteriously missing.



Pimples pimples pimples. Our face starts to become a real-life game of Whac-A-Mole, and there’s nothing we can do about it.



Let’s just avoid seeing each other. Some people trigger the crazy in us, and while PMSing the crazy quadruples. You’ve been warned.



PMS survival kit: 

1 Box of Hershey’s kisses

2 A couple of Grey’s Anatomy seasons

3 Large pillow and blanket

4 Pick a sanctuary in the house and stay there

5 Keep headphones and laptop at arm’s reach

6 Hot water pouch, especially during winter

7 Low fat Ice cream.


Happy PMSing!

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