Inside the Artist’s Studio: Hayam Elsayed

Photo of Artist Hayam Elsayed

An artist with an affinity for portraits, one who paints delicate images where the light and expressions seem all too real. Hayam Elsayed is a gifted artist whose work has caught our attention. Her work mostly consists of gorgeous, delicate portraits, which effortlessly capture emotion. We sit down with her and discuss her work.

Sunlight by Hayam Elsayed

We couldn’t help but notice the abundance of portraits painted by Hayam Elsayed.

That’s why we had to discuss the art of portrait, and what has drawn her to it. “Drawing a portrait makes me feel and understand the portrait as if it’s another soul with me, but captured in a painting,” Hayam continues,

“While drawing a portrait I feel intrigued to finish it at a fast pace, motivated by the feeling that the soul is revealed through the beauty of the painting.”


We’ve come to know Hayam Elsayed and her fabulous work through Social Media.

This great tool has made it easier for us to find art. So, it also must have made things easier for the artist.

“Social Media is redefining how the art world does business.”

“In the past year, over 80% of art buyers bought fine art online. Additionally almost half of online buyers used Instagram for art-related purposes,” Hayam explains. This made the process of showcasing and selling art far more efficient. “Someone can inquire about a piece, and in an instant, it’s sold. With one fateful ‘follow’ the respected eyes in the industry can consider your work on a daily basis,” she tells.

Aloura by Hayam Elsayed

When it comes to empowerment, Hayam Elsayed believes women should be the driving force behind the women empowerment movement in the art scene.

“The more women support each other, the more they will cement their talent and show their true value among male artists.”

“As a result, they will be celebrated as equals to male artists and will attain equal opportunities within the art world.” The fight is ongoing, as sexism still is an issue. “Despite encouraging signs of women’s improved status and visibility in the art world, there are still major systemic problems,” Hayam says. She believes it is essential to continue to organize conferences, and launch feminist magazines.

Artistry is one of those things, which one can discover in their children early on.

Children are artists by nature, and it is important that parents look for the talent in their young ones. “It’s pivotal for parents to allow their children to experiment freely with their artistic side,” Hayam continues,

“Children are free souls and we cannot limit them to one art direction.”

The Flower Lady by Hayam Elsayed


The future seems bright and inviting for Hayam Elsayed, as she is participating in various group exhibitions in London and Italy. She also has a solo show at La Galleria Pall Mall in London in the end of February. Hayam has got an exciting schedule ahead of her. She will be collaborating with galleries in London and is nominated for an award, . We cannot wait to hear more about her success!

You can find Hayam Elsayed’s work on her Instagram page @hayamelsayedart

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