In Twitterland, Obama Comes Third to Katy Perry and Justin Bieber

Let us celebrate the end of another year in this strange, enchanted, and sometimes psychotic land called Twitter…









We can easily call 2014 “Year of the Selfie”, as Ellen DeGeneres’s star-studded Oscar selfie tweet is the most retweeted tweet of 2014. With a staggering over 3 million retweets, we see why no one else had a chance.


This year, Twitter made it a lot easier to find influential tweets like the above. Simply visit the link to see the most popular tweets of this year. On this website, you’ll get to explore special moments on Twitter in 2014 and view the year on Twitter from the perspective of the most famous celebrity tweeps.

The most followed account this year is Katy Perry’s with 60 million followers. She is followed by none other than Justin Bieber with 56 million followers. In third place is President Barack Obama with 50 million followers.

In Egypt, the most followed twitter account is still Bassem Youssef’s. Even after his show was put on a sudden halt, he’s still the most followed Egyptian. following him on the top 10 most followed list are Egyptian celebrities, journalists and entrepreneurs.

Some of the most followed accounts in Egypt:

1.  Dr. BassemYoussef  @Dr.BassemYoussef– 3.4m

2.   Amr Khaled @AmrKhaled– 3.2m

3.    Amr Diab@amrdiab – 2.7m

4. Hamza Namira @HamzaNamira – 2.4m

5.   Amr Hamzawy@HamzawyAmr–  2.13m

6.   Youm7  @Youm7 – 2.1m

7.   Amr Waked  @amrwaked – 1.92m

8.    YosriFouda@YosriFouda – 1.82m

9.  Naguib Sawiris@NaguibSawiris – 1.67m

10.  Hassan El Shafei@Hassanelshafei – 1.61m

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