In-flight Shisha and Belly Dancers: What Would You Allow If You Owned Your Own Business?

We all have our daydreaming moments right after the boss has managed to piss us off, when our brains wander off to how if we owned our own businesses, we’d do things differently! We’d put our foot down, abolish punctuality and add belly dancer breaks! Here’s a couple more ideas from our favorite Employees, Executives, and Entrepreneurs:

Wessam Massoud: Executive Chef 

“If somebody orders a well done steak we cook their hands well-done. You know how presentation is a really big thing now and it ends up looking so tasty? I always wished I could take a big bite out of the food before it goes out!”

Tameem Younes: Senior Art Director 

When asked about his opinion on electrocution said, “who said that was illegal?”

Mickey: Radio Host 

“Not pay taxes. Pretty much anything that would put the money into my pocket!”  

Marwan Emam: Entrepreneur/Director 

“Filming with a helicopter in the middle of Cairo! Plus, my startup relies on investors so if we’re the only company allowed to rob banks, then our job is done. Easy money!”

May Abdel Asim: Managing Editor 

“Allowing the beating of unprepared applicants, and electrocuting people who leave without adequately handing over and giving a proper notice. Also, maybe abolishing weekends?”

Ahmed Ezz: Projects Manager 

“I’ll definitely allow alcohol and even hold a happy hour! Sky diving from the building as entertainment? Naked Thursdays will be a must since walking around in boxers is proved to boost creativity.”

Heba Fayed: Marketing and Communications Manager 

“No working hours! Wake up whenever you want and work whenever you want. On the beach, out of bed, whatever you want! And the great part is, you’ll WANT to work, you won’t HAVE to.”

 Jailan El Rihany: Marketing and PR Manager – Fashion Section

“Shisha breaks in the balcony and lemon mint smoothies!” *eyes shine with dreams*

Yara Mansour: Junior Brand Manager 

“I’ll allow dancing classes! Serves for a stress free working environment.”

Yara Al Sayes: Junior Editor 

“colleagues birthdays should be mandatory costume parties, themed according to their favorite TV shows. Regardless of how inappropriate that might be!” 


Mai Adel: Flight Attendant 

“I would allow music on board! Loud music with large speakers to be played all flight long. I would allow dancing demonstrations, instead of the boring ones with music as well, and I would actually not accept children from certain ages.”


Maram Adel: Flight Attendant 

“If I owned my own airline company, I would allow alcohol and Shisha on board. I’ll also hire someone to pick the passengers up before boarding. I’ll also be implementing a restriction on aviation attitude, or else you’re out!”



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