How to Survive A Week in Cairo with Only 100LE!

It seems completely impossible to be able to last on just a hundred pounds a week in Egypt’s capital, butin fact, it is doable. Here are some tips on how to last on 100 pounds in Cairo without giving up the quality:


Try out new non-pricy yet healthy and clean restaurants:In new and totally hip stores like Zooba, Cairo Kitchen and Ali Baba,you can get a totally tasty koshary meal for a minimum price. The priciest thing on their menu is 20 pounds.


Buy it in bulk: Whenever you want to buy something, be it toilet roll or eggs, it is often cheaper to buy a giant package that will last way longer than the normal, small size which you will have to re-up every once in a while. Go for big, economy brand items which are available for reasonably lower prices and save, save, save! For example, instead of buying a dish of pasta from whatever restaurant you love for 40 pounds, buy a packet of pasta and Cooking Cream for less than 20 LE.


Bring your lunch to work: Making your lunch instead of buying it can save a surprising amount of cash. Delivery requires a certain and minimum amount of price order as well as extra delivery costs. A homemade tuna salad or a club sandwich is healthy and cheap.


Make your own beauty items:Instead of buying whatever cream you’re used to, Google recipes for facial or body creams and oils you want to use. You will not only save money but studies have shown that creams made at home from all natural ingredients are actually better for you than those you buy from the stores which comprise a lot of chemicals that could, over time, be harmful for you. So stick those cucumbers on your eyes and stay under the 100 pounds a week budget! Instead of buying some face cream for a hundred and something pounds, make your own cream with ingredients costing an average of 20 LE.


Carpooling: Know a friend from work who lives close to your house? A saving tip is to carpool, or share cars so that you don’t both spend money on petrol. Alternating who drives could save you and your friends’ valuable bucks because you don’t have to invest in as much benzene to get you through the day.


Always go for a movie night: Whenever you are escaping traffic or haven’t had the time to visit the salon and can’t go out partying it’s not the end of it. If you need something entertaining yet you want to stay home and save enough cash, always go for a movie night! Buy a packet of microwave popcorn for less than 10 LE and invite your friendshome to watch a DVD.


Kitchen Quickie: Want to eat at new restaurants in Cairo and don’t have enough cash, check our Kitchen Quickie section in which we bring you the secret recipes from the hottest restaurants in town! Invite your friends over and show off your mouth watering skills!

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