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Ever wondered what all those brushes are for?


When it comes to make-up brushes, no make-up artist can have enough. So unless you’re one, you only need a few. Well, a few really good brushes. Good quality brushes just make your life a lot easier, believe me!

Little knowledge also comes in handy. Knowing which brush does what is necessary to achieve a precise, fast, make-up application. So let’s dig deep into the Brushes World!

Natural Hair brush:

Used with dry products.

Synthetic Hair Brush:

Used with cream or liquid based products.


For Foundation:

You need one that looks like this synthetic brush because the most popular foundations right now are either oil-based or water- based so this one does the job perfectly!


You need a small synthetic brush like this one to apply cream base concealer and correctors.


So many fluffy brushes to choose from, right? Don’t get lost!

You need only one really big natural hair brush to apply powder. You need it big because powder is applied on a large area of your face if not the whole face. Remember, a little goes a long way, only a small amount of powder is enough to set the foundation and take off all the shine.


You need a smaller, maybe, more angled brush for blush.

Eye Liner:

It helps you draw the eyeliner as closest to the lash line as possible.

However, some people prefer to draw the eyeliner with an angled brush, it’s brilliant when it comes to winged eyeliner.

You can use the same brush to fill your eyebrows. But you just have to do this step prior to drawing your eyeliner to avoid darkening your eyebrows with what’s left of the eyeliner.

Eye shadow:

There is a number of eye-shadow designs you can do. Anyway, the least you must have is:

A small shade brush.

A blending brush.

The first applies the color to the lid and the latter helps you blend in the color so you don’t see any defined lines.

There’s also the notorious small sponge brush that comes with just about every eye shadow palette.

Besides being free, it’s helpful when it comes to blending eye shadow in the lower lid or in the outer corner of your eyes.

One more brush to go:

If you want to master that killer rouge, or extremely dark lip color, you HAVE to use a lip brush.


Play it Smart!

If you want to invest in your brushes and minimize the number of brushes you have, you can actually do this. You just have to decide in advance which colors you will be using. If you’re using a dark color and a bright one somewhere in your eyes, then start with the lighter color moving on to the dark.

Same thing applies to powder and blush, the same brush can be used, but make sure you do not touch up your powder after you’ve used the same brush for blush.

And of course cleaning your brushes is very important, so next time you apply make-up, you don’t end up with a blushed face or a whole dark eyelid.




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