Heba El Kaissy’s ‘Silent Soldiers’: Free Make-Up Workshop for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Heba with Cancer patient

Heba El Kaissy is an internationally certified make-up artist with a London college of make-up degree. When a client undergoing chemotherapy knocked on Heba’s door and Heba showed her how to hide the effects of chemo on her face and body, she knew she wanted to do more to support cancer patients and survivors. She launched ‘Silent Soldiers’, an initiative dedicated to providing free make-up courses and workshops to cancer patients and survivors.

Heba El-Kaissy Photographed by Aswani
Heba El-Kaissy Photographed by Aswani

Latest Workshop 

Heba El Kaissy and Noura Ali Shoukry
Heba El Kaissy and Noura Ali Shoukry

Her latest workshop was a collaboration with Noura Ali Shoukry, the cancer survivor who founded ‘Together We CANcer Community’, the Facebook group offering support to cancer patients and survivors.

Lina Shaker
Lina Shaker

The workshop was one day long, more than 30 women attended. “We wanted to lift the spirits of the women in the group,” said Heba.  Over 10 international and local beauty brands joined the workshop and experts from different fields volunteered in support of the cause. The event kicked off with a word from beloved cancer fighter and TV presenter Lina Shaker, who announced that she was battling cancer earlier this year.

Silent Soldiers 

 “I called my initiative ‘Silent Soldiers’ because it’s for the women fighting a silent battle against cancer.”

“When the client came to me and we talked and I showed her how to hide the effects of the chemo, I realized I could lend a finger to anyone in need. I wanted to give her my whole hand to support her in her struggle. I was so happy to know she’s now cancer-free and works at a reputable firm,” she explained.

Workshop Attendee
Workshop Attendee

“Fighting Cancer is a battle. Patients don’t just experience internal pain, they have to deal with their external features changing as well. Many of my clients struggle with hair loss, skin pigmentation, puffiness, or pre-mature wrinkles. Having the know-how to help them deal with their external battles, I feel I can somehow ease some of the pain they experience,” she continued.

“I want my expertise to go beyond weddings and parties. I want to help people to feel good about themselves in their most vulnerable moments.”

Heba’s services through ‘Silent Soldiers’ involve a free-of-charge makeup course full of the tips and tricks of the trade. Experts from different fields usually join to tackle subjects like hair loss, nutrition plans that accommodate chemo, and skincare. She plans to hold a major makeup master class on the 30th of July.

To sign up for a Silent Soldiers workshop, send Heba El Kaissy a direct message on her Instagram here. Also, check out her website here.




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  1. Heba personally paid me a visit once diagnosed and pampered me to the max showered me with love and too many goodies to make me feel better about my beauty ❤ Silent soldiers day that she planned for us was such a beautiful day full of activities gifts and surprises…
    I would like to thank her for caring to spend time of her busy schedule planning and doing such initiatives!

    A v much appreciated silent soldier.

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