Hala Serag El Din’s tips on having a healthy Ramadan!

Fitness fanatic Hala, knows that staying healthy during Ramadan is about more than just avoiding taking that extra piece of Katayef, so we quizzed her to find out all her secret healthy living tips!

What is your number one favourite Ramadan exercise?
I like to do 45 minutes of cardio or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) before Iftar, and 30 minutes of weight lifting after Iftar.

What do you say to your friends to motivate them if they have become a couch potato during Ramadan?
I tell them how it’s personally my favorite time of year to see some progress with my body to encourage them.

What is the best flavour of smoothie for staying hydrated and giving you energy for workouts?
Watermelon! It is full of water which keeps me hydrated.

Do you find it easier to workout in a group or by yourself during Ramadan?
If I’m doing my cardio/HIIT I’d rather be in a group. But if I’m weight-lifting I prefer by myself.

How often do you recommend doing exercise to stay fit and healthy during Ramadan?
5 times a week, but listen to your body.

What is your top tip for maintaining a beach body during Ramadan?
Stay far far away from desserts!

What do you miss most during Ramadan?
Water! I’m fine with being food deprived. But water is pretty difficult especially when Ramadan is in the summer.

Have you ever accidentally slept in and missed Sohour?
Not that I remember. Because I know I wouldn’t be able to function the next day.

Where does the best Ramadan street food?
Zooba for Sohour. Yum!

Would you ever use the word Hangry to describe yourself during Ramadan?
No not really, it’s the thirst that tortures me!

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