Gym Etiquette

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While heading to the gym, you are getting ready to feel the natural flow of endorphins that will make your stay a pleasant, relaxing and rewarding experience.
Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to focused too much on their workout routine and the hilarious endorphin rush they enjoy that they forget about the most important thing after paying their membership. As there are international rules and norms in treating people coming from various international backgrounds on personal and professional basis, there is also what is called gym etiquette. Sticking to them makes working out at the gym a pleasant experience for everyone.
Let’s have a look at these rules:
Rule# 1:
I know that a lot of gym clients have enough confidence and courage to walk around in the locker room naked. Regarding yourself as Salma Hayek or Brad Pitt is not a reason for you to do this. Wearing a towel while changing and walking to or from the shower makes the locker room a more comfortable place for everyone.
Rule# 2:
Another thing that drives any calm gym client into a fast and furious individual, is finding a machine immersed in a pool of sweat! Once finishing exercising on any equipment present at the gym, one should wipe off any traces of sweat with a towel. It’s the responsibility of everyone at the venue to leave the machine in a perfect, clean and neat appearance. Swimming activities are provided at other location!
Rule# 3:
If you are Jay Cutler and you have just finished doing leg press with zillion plates, you have to put them back onto the weight tree. Same goes for dumbbells, Swiss balls, rubber bands, mats etc… This may be the most frequently violated principle of gym etiquette but the least understood. Ignorance could possibly but highly unlikely be the cause of this phenomenon given the widespread nature of the dilemma and the educational diversity of those committing this sin. Perhaps a more rational justification is simply sluggishness, but even that seems to oppose the motivation that draws these violators to the gym in the first place. Would like to try slot machine games? At first, read this post written by our friends at who shared their thoughts about online slots in India with interesting details considering the best games, software providers, Return to Player percentage, and the rest of the crucial features. Moreover, punters will find out whether it is more profitable to play for real money or for free.
Rule# 4:
There is another group of smart people working out at the gym who remove the enormous number of plates from their machines and leave them on the ground. Those blocks transform the gym floor from a comfortable and clear alley into a trap filled hurdle race. Gym clients will tumble down and thus add injuries to their medical history instead of adding much sought-after muscle, strength and ripped appearance to their figure.
Rule# 5:
Meat heads trying to impress the femme fatale on the treadmill while working out with their masculinity are definitely hitting the wrong road when they do any of the following no-no’s:
A. Dropping the weight in an uncontrollable manner as if a nuke has hit the gym will rather harm the equipment and disrupt the atmosphere of focused clients than providing a tough guy appearance.
A spotter will give you a hand to do a movement in a controlled and efficient manner instead of breaking your toe or someone else’s! The old man jogging nearby may fall down with a heart attack because Arnold is training 2 meters away from him.
B. Grunting is also a desperate signal to grab the attention of gym members, because your boiling testosterone levels should work on your exercising muscles and not stimulate your vocal cords!
Rule# 6:
It’s expected that you’ll work up a sweat and probably won’t smell like a bouquet of roses by the end of your training session, but excessive body odor is irritating to others at the gym. Deodorant is widely available for reasonable prices, so there’s no excuse for smelling like a rotten egg. People come to the gym to work their lungs, not to fuel their nostrils. The opposite phenomenon of having too much fragrance stimulating the olfactory nerves of clients is also unacceptable. Asphyxia and suffocation is not a training target of anyone at the gym!
Rule# 7:
Passing between someone and the mirror utilized to see whether a movement is correct or not should also be avoided. Flexing muscles in front of a mirror on the floor is also outdated, especially when you have nothing to show.
Rule# 8:
Many gyms have time limits on the cardio machines present at the venue during busy hours. There’s a reason for that and everyone understand and implement it. Putting a towel on the display will not fool anyone but will give a bad indication about your attitude and your prominent selfishness.
Rule# 9:
When you enter the gym, kindly remember that you are not at home where you can leave your belongings scattered all over the place. Bottles, towels and other stuff, have to be put where they belong. It is also completely insular and ill-bred to save a treadmill for a friend parking his/her car outside the gym with a bottle of water, shaker or a sweaty dropping towel
Rule# 10:
I get completely distracted when someone talks over the cell phone in a loud and disruptive manner. I don’t want to hear someone’s personal/ business conversation. Why do you think I listen to my IPod while working out? Because I want stay in my personal bubble and simply focus on my workout. Leave the phone in the car or the locker. Period
These rules will help make the gym a better place for me and you. Stick to them, for your own sake and for the sake of your fellow gym members.
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