Guess who’s the Egyptian Businessman who Just Married A Victoria’s Secret Model

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The Internet is booming with the news of super couple’s – Karim El Chiaty and Ana Beatriz Barros – wedding! The fairytale worthy wedding took place in Mykonos earlier this week, and it was jaw-dropping-ly beautiful. Ana’s Valentino dress wowed everyone in attendance, plus thousands (dare we say millions?) more on Social Media.

Photo Credits: Patrícia Barros/Instagram

While everyone is blown away by Ana’s combination of great beauty and enormous success, we can’t forget that she is marrying an Egyptian Prince Charming. Karim is an inspiring businessman who serves as a non-executive Director of Travco Group. Travco Group being one of the largest travel and tourism companies in the Middle East is owned by Karim’s father, business tycoon Hamed El Chiaty. Travco’s ventures in the tourism business are so large, they co-own and operate Air Arabia Egypt!

Photo Credits: Fernanda Motta
Photo Credits: Fernanda Motta

Guests covered the couple’s special day on the hashtag #anabandkarim. The hashtag includes many pictures taken of the ceremony, the star-studded guest list, and Ana’s gorgeous bridesmaids, including supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio!

Photo Credits: Forevermag/Instagram
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