Going Back to Nature Improves your Well-being and Gives you a Quick Energy Boost

Hug a Tree

Our lives between concrete walls blind us about who we truly are; natural and spiritual beings. As such, we need to nurture ourselves in order to survive. Since its not only survival that we seek but a life filled with whatever we can get and do, we create a busy schedule with no room to pause. We forget to look after ourselves. We ignore the first signs of our bodies crying for help. We suppress that inner voice inside of us that needs a break.

Being stressed is something that gives us a feeling of importance and a common state-of-being we all signed up for. In most cases, this seldom pays off and the consequences speak for themselves. Depression, anxiety, burn-out and the like are increasingly becoming the number one disease – globally. This forces us to stop. Moreover, very often we need to take medication that gets us back on track, even though its only a short-term solution.

Long-term healing involves prevention. Once we are aware that we aren’t slaves to our daily schedules and technological encounters, we gain our power back. We have a choice. We have the freedom to decide what we include in and exclude from our timetables. We are not robots. We can not function 24/7 properly without taking care of our natural needs. We are spirits made of energy in a body that consists of 80% water. And yet we disregard this fact although we talk about it everyday.

How often a day do you say to yourself or others that you have no energy, that you are low on energy or that someone drained you from your energy? We say this without really knowing what lies behind it. The meaning of it is that we unconsciously feel our inner motor but don’t bring it to our consciousness. We are too distracted. But when we pause for just five minutes and take ten deep breaths, we immediately feel the difference. And if we could spare some more time to get that quick energy boost, we could go out and hug a tree – any tree.

Due to their massive roots and close connectivity to mother earth, trees are an amazing natural energy transmitter. According to scientific studies, hugging a tree or even only sitting under a tree and sensing, feeling and hearing nature stimulates your brain activity and increases production of energy-boosting beta brain waves. The healthful benefits of this are huge. So while you are hugging the tree, take ten deep breaths and absorb all that energy and let it run through your body. You will be surprised by the result!

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Selma Köhn is a Sports Mental Trainer, Mental Coach, Kids and Teens Coach and a Transformational Therapist. Selma works with different cultures, age groups and a diversity of topics. She is specialized in working with Athletes starting at the age of 10 as well as with Sports Coaches in various fields. She is German with roots to Egypt and is located in Cairo, Egypt as well as Berlin, Germany.

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