Give your Home the Recycle Treatment

The perks to making your own home accessories are endless. On one hand, DIY projects are fun and creative. Add to that the fact that the pieces made by you are going to be unique, a one of a kind home accessory just for you! The idea might sound intimidating at first, but it’s much easier than it looks. The rewarding end result is reason enough for you to take out your scissors, glue and recyclable material. So here are easy DIY home accessories that you can make on your own.


Crayon Frames

If you have children, then you must be the proud owner of an abundance of crayon stubs. You can either throw them away, or use them to create a quirky home accessory. Simply glue the crayon stubs whichever way you want on a plain picture frame. This will make a lovely frame especially for pictures of your children.


Light Bulb Vase

These are absolutely adorable and very easy to make. Take your old light bulbs and put them up on whichever wall you choose. You can do so by gluing them or hanging them from the ceiling using wires. Unscrew the top and place water inside them. Once that is done, you can place any kind of plant in there. The plants will take maintenance, but they will look great and add a quirky, yet natural look to your home.


Cereal Box Office Organizer

Get your books and magazines in order with this double sided organizer. Glue two cereal boxes together, making sure they are identical in height. Cut the tops diagonally and use your favorite fabric to cover the boxes. Glue the fabric neatly around the boxes and allow them to dry. There you have it! You can use this at work or home and keep your desk in order.


Towel Bath Rug

Those are super fluffy, cute and will absorb more water than your normal rug. Use any old towels you want. Mix and match the colors to your liking. Cut them into neat little strips, and use latch rug canvas to make your bath rug. All you need to do is tie the towel strips around the netting. You will end up with a cool bath rug from your own design!

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