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“Dieting, when balanced and supervised by a Doctor, is a way of living that includes all food types in reasonable quantities and timings”, comments Dr. Magda El Nowehy, Member of the Egyptian Medical Association for the Study of Obesity, “life is stressful enough and does not need to be increased by the constant fear or worry about food”.


In order to enjoy your diet it is necessary to experiment with food and try out new recipes with the allowed food types. Learn to enjoy your meal which will minimize stress and eliminate the obsession for ‘forbidden’ food. “Balancing your diet with sports or any sort of physical activity will contribute immensely to your shape and psyche”, explains Dr. Magda. Begin with a 30min work-out and increase it day by day.


Dr. Magda El Nowehy suggests following food plan:




  • 1-2 brown toast + 1 piece or slice of any kind of cheese

OR 1 boiled egg

OR 1 cup of bran cereal with skimmed milk


  • green vegetable + 1 fruit



  • 1-2 pieces of meat, chicken or fish
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Big plate of green salad
  • 1 fruit



  • 1-2 cups of light yoghurt
  • 1-2 fruits



  • Tea, coffee, cinnamon, anise etc. are allowed all over the day with skimmed milk and diet sweetener.
  • Diet soft drinks are allowed.


  • Avoid fruits such as dates, figs, mango and grapes.
  • Avoid potatoes and green peas.
  • Don’t cook with butter, margarine or oil.
  • If you miss a meal don’t make up for it by eating a 2in1 meal.
  • Drink a lot of water.

If you need to know more about healthy eating and weight loss please call Dr. Magda El Nowehy at Medical Center of Nutrition and set an appointment. Please call: 336 2102 or 012 231 3572.



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