Fun in the Underground: 5 Unconventional, Artsy Things to do in Cairo

We always complain that there isn’t anything new to do. Whenever we go out, we have a set of things to choose from. It’s either food, drinks, cinema or one of the same old shows we always go to. There are, however, plenty of unconventional things to do in our beloved capital. We just never look hard enough. Here are 7 things you can do in Cairo that are new, artistic and fun.


Want to watch good, independent films in a movie theatre? Zawya is the place to go. They will show you the films that regular movie theatres won’t show you. Zawya holds its screenings in Odeon Cinema in Downtown Cairo. The tagline for the place is “cinema for movies that the cinema doesn’t show”. The schedule is available online on their Facebook page and their website. Their screenings involve recent movies from all around the world, as well as retrospectives of classical cinema. Tickets come at very reasonable prices as well. It’s a cultural activity that is affordable for almost everyone.


The small, Garden City venue offers an art space for plenty of things. There are movies, music and dancing. The place also offers drinks and food. One of the most interesting things Room provides is classical film screenings. People go there to watch My Fair Lady, The Return of Mr. X or Dr. Strangelove. Room also hosts live – and diverse – music shows. From Aya Metwalli to Elnafeekha, there’s something for everyone. Not only that, but there are also dance classes. There’s Salsa, Jazz, Zumba and plenty more to choose from. They also host plays, talks, workshops and much more.  If you love any form of art, you’ll greatly enjoy spending some time at Room.


Sofar Sounds Cairo

This is not exactly a venue, but more of a concept. Sofar Sounds is a concert tour with the locations only disclosed to those who sign up for it. The concept was started in London and has been adapted all over the world. Now, it is in Egypt as well. Sofar – or Songs from a Room – produces private, small concerts in 85 cities all over the world. All you have to do is register on their mailing list. Then, you will receive information about the upcoming gigs at the beginning of each month. If you are a musician or would like to host one of the gigs yourself, you can also contact them. The concerts that way are only attended by those who really love music. It’s, thus, more intimate and rich. Sofar Sounds sure is an experience for those passionate about music.


This art space is one of the best places if you want to see vibrant new artwork. It was founded by artist Hamdy Reda. Art galleries are done there right out on the street. Those who participate can be anyone from up and coming artist to art tycoons. Other than that, Artellewa facilitates art projects, offers workshops, hosts residencies for foreign artists and offers many more things to the art scene. If you are an artist or an art appreciator, go check it out. You won’t regret it.

El Dammah Theatre

Part of El Mastabah Center for Egyptian Folk Music, El Dammah provides a program every Thursday. A schedule of the upcoming concerts is always available on El Mastabah’s website. El Dammah Theatre hosts Egyptian folk concerts. There, you can enjoy Nubi, Sufi, Bedouin or even Zaar shows. The place is incredibly rich with Egyptian culture, a definite winner!


Zawya: Odeon Cinema, 4 off Talaat Harb St. Downtown, Cairo

Room: 10 Etehad El Mohamin St. Garden City, Cairo

Artellewa: 19 Mohamed El Eseary St. Ard El Lewa, Giza

El Dammah: 30A El Belaasy St. Abdeen, Cairo


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