From Wild Parties to Piano Lessons

 How my life drastically changed after having my babies

This has got to be the hardest thing I have ever had to write in my whole life. This could also be the hardest thing any new mother could read in her whole life. Simply because, it’s quite shocking to read about how your life dramatically changes after bringing your children to life. 
Not far after I had my second baby that I realized I am not the same person who started this Facebook account! That fresh, young, vibrant university student who can fit a pair of jeans and random t-shirt on yet still feel like Tyra Banks, is now long gone. I am not fresh, I am worn out. There is nothing vibrant about me. I am tired and exhausted beyond belief and those lovely pair of jeans are folded and buried under my new style.
I hear you all. Dream jobs gone.Perfect body and hair status gone, a nice outing with your friends gone, heck visiting the toilet alone is even gone! The major question here comes to it all gone? Is it that sad? I tell you my lovely new mommies, no its not! Because even though these amazing pair of designer heels are no longer part of your attire, you my dear have become one fearless awesome force of nature. 
You wake up at 6:00 am because you know if you don’t, no one else would. You make breakfast, you wake your kids up, you shower them, you put them in their clothes, you buckle them up in the car, you drop them off at the nursery (school) and you make sure they start their lives right. No one else can do that. 
You go to your boring 9-5 job, you smile at people, and you act like there is nothing in the world that matters more than your work. You do your job more systemically, and organized than anyone else, because you’re a mother! If anyone knows what a system is, its you..we create them. 
You drive back, pick your kids up, cook them lunch, sit with them, play with them, take to them to practice, piano lessons, tennis trainings, private tutors; for all that matters you may learn a new language to try to put your kids in the best schools. I promise you no one can excel a new language as fast and as accurate as you because you have an aim like no other, your child. 
You might not have time for social gatherings, and the highlight of your week is your son’s friend‘s birthday, but you sure know how to create a life for your kids, because at the end of the day, they are what matters.
Weekends in Sahel, not an option anymore! Your tight schedule with between your daughter’s ballet practice and your son’s swimming class won’t give you the time. You give up those amazing, fashionable, loud music, shisha on the beach private beaches and choose to go to a small unknown public beach somewhere in Sahel, pretending that it’s the best place on earth to spend one or 2 weeks of your summer at because it’s safer, and they provide a pool that your kids enjoy. 
So, my dear, instead of thinking of how many things you lost after having your first baby, think of it this way;how many things have you really gained? You are now an amazing, curved but sexy, intellectual and smart woman like no other. You are the heart and soul of a whole family, your decisions do matter! You create the future, and not the near future, because in a few years from now someone is going to meet your children, smile and think they must have the greatest mother on Earth! 
Above all you have finally realized that your love has become a limitless superhuman power and that true joy doesn’t come from material wealth, it comes from your deep inner believe that you have done your job perfectly. 
So the next time you look at your worn out self in the mirror, smile with confidence and think damn, I am the coolest mother ever, yes! I am the center of the universe; my universe! 
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