From the Office to the Dance Floor – How to be prepared!


I’ve learned that living in Cairo is all about time management, and if you’re anything like me you’ll be trying to balance a social life with a professional life along with that (and failing miserably but that’s not the point). If you work in a country as widespread as Cairo, then you know it’s almost impossible to make it to two opposing events on the same day, on time and looking decent.


Here’s a little hack-guide to help you get by for when you have no time to spare.




Wear a white classic blouse. It’s an acknowledged symbol of professionalism worldwide and it’s the most versatile article of clothing ever made; it goes with pretty much anything you match it with.

Classic white shirt by Massimo Dutti


If you work at an office where jeans are allowed then you’ve already got your outfit sorted. If not, put on some classic yet skinny black pants, similar to the ones below.

Skinny black pants by Pull & Bear


For the easiest office-to-party hair transformation, tie your hair up into a neat and tight bun at the crown of your head during office hours, and grab a travel-sized hairspray can. When you untie it at the end of the day the bun would have molded your hair into nice soft waves, fluff with your fingers and spray on some hairspray to lock-in the curls. Keep in mind that the tighter the bun, the tighter the curls.

Hairspray by L’Oreal Paris


If you’re anything like us then you’re the type who prefers to sleep in an extra 15 minutes rather than get up to put on makeup. Grab a small pouch with only your essential products and a few cotton buds. Use a heavy mascara so that you get your party look from the first coat, use white or nude eyeliner on the inside corners and inner rims of your eyes, and dab on some richly pigmented creamy blusher to end it with a healthy glow.

makeup bag by Victoria’s Secret


Diorshow Blackout mascara by Dior


ScandalEyes nude eyeliner pencil by Rimmel


Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge can be used to stain your cheeks and add color to your lips as well


Lipstick is optional of course, and foundation can be mixed with a small amount of moisturizer so you can skip a few steps, save time, and skip the highlighter as well since the foundation-moisturizer mixture will illuminate enough.

MAC Mineralize broad spectrum foundation


La Roche-Posay Lipikar Lait will do wonders for your skin anytime anywhere!


If you know you’re heading out directly from the office, pick a versatile purse for that day. Usually the easiest option would be a plain black cross-body bag or handbag, but feel free to use any purse you like since this is a piece with endless options.

Chanel Calfskin Messenger bag


Finally, and this a tricky one, put on a pair of distinguished shoes to make the outfit standout. Try patent leather Brogues. They’re the perfect multi-functional item; comfortable for the entire day yet with a sexy edge to them for the night.

Brougues by Zara


Carry a few pieces of statement accessories to use for final touches. You can button up the shirt all the way up and wear a large necklace, although we think an unbuttoned classic white shirt does the trick!

pop of color necklace by Topshop

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