From “Niche” to Expensive China, Society Doesn’t Decorate Your House, You Do!

Somehow, when decorating or furnishing our houses, we are put under family/peer pressure to reach a certain criteria for a couple of categories. Whether it’s a tradition, or “what will people say”. If it doesn’t fit –or you don’t believe it does– then don’t do it. Here are some areas that are attached to this notion:

Breakfront Cabinets, AKA “Niche”

It used to be a traditional antique piece of furniture in dining rooms back in the late 18th– early 19th century that was designed to protect –and display– fine home accessories, formal dinnerware, and expensive pottery. Now, for some opinions, it is supposed to be a display of how many pieces/expensive your dinnerware is; a show for your possessions. Your house is not a museum. If you don’t have the space, or don’t feel like having it, you’re not forced to buy it. Simple.

Expensive China

Naturally, it is nice to have expensive materials. If you believe you can afford it, or it’s a necessity, then alright, but don’t get compelled by any pressure. We shouldn’t be judged by our material things, anyway.

Furniture Clutter

It’s not a competition. Having numerous huge furniture items that don’t correspond with the whole ambience doesn’t make you seem richer or better. On the contrary, it appears mismatched and unsightly. It’s always: The simpler the better.

Extravagant Carpets

If you are a frequent host, don’t spend so much money on costly carpets. They usually get worn out fast. Try purchasing reasonably-priced, elegant ones so your heart won’t break every time a dirty shoe steps on one of them. Remember: You can be practical and chic.

Useless Kitchen Utensils

Cluttering your kitchen with utensils and equipment that are either useless or extra will end up as chaos. There is no need to own five sets of everything. You will end up stressed. No one should care how many you’ve got. Depending on your family members and hosting a lot or not, try not to have more than what you usually use.



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