Fish In A Small Pond

Through the past few years we’ve been either reading about politics, fighting with friends about politics and coming home to have a good meal while watching something politically related. At most times, we don’t even realize it’s politically related. We zoned out of Planet Earth until we became trapped in a virtual world.

Of course they convince us that this world is the truth and the virtual thing is to ignore it. We’ve been hearing and dealing with new political definitions, expressions and social phrases that we never used before and with invalid ideas that lead to decisions in order to give our voices and share our opinions. In this day and age, it’s a huge shame not to give your opinion. What if you really can’t build a certain opinion? Why should we always feel obliged to say or listen to something that isn’t important to anyone?

The world is agigantic place yet we tend to limit our space. We tend to think that we only belong to the place that we live in and in order to prove that, we have to talk about countries, cities and political parties on regular basis. That’s not true, we belong to the planet we live in.

We shouldn’t belong to a certain country or a destination on the map; we belong to Planet Earth as a whole which is our natural habitat. They effortlessly made us forget this. All those celebrities, politicians, public speakers are nothing but a miniature thing on this planet. What really matters is our relationship with the environment, with nature and with space is the thing that matters. It is the reason behind life itself. It’s the reason behind real wellbeing. What should matter is our beautiful relationship with Mother Earth that we always neglect.

Politics, media, society succeeded in turning usinto robots. They are trying hard to kill our natural instinct as humans who love, eat, sleep, pray and feel ultimate joy. No wonder why everyone is stressed or depressed. Where are happy people? Do you know a truly happy person? Will you ever meet them?

You can’t feel ultimate joy by watching daily television. You can’t sleep by knowing that tomorrow is a competitive day in the corporate world where you belong. We can’t eat because what is advertised damaged our system. We forgot about our natural system.Love became conditional too. It’s very hard today to love someone who is against your religious beliefs or who will vote against your presidential candidate. We can’t respect our older peers just because they think politically different.  We think they’re a selfishly driven generation and they think we are just an ill-informed generation of rebels.

We must all believe in ourselves and cherish our relationship with beautiful nature. It’s not a romantic or an idealistic thing to do but it’s the natural way of living.

The world is a spectacular place to explore. We shouldn’t die before learning about magical space, weird historic habits or rare beautiful animals. They are worth our time than any other talking head on TV.

Don’t be a fish in a small pond.

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