Fashion Shaweesh! Shahira and Suhair, Fashion Forward Much?

We absolutely love Shahira and Suhair Ramzy. However, we can’t overlook the fact that sometimes – well, many times, come to think of it – they go a tad overboard. The two celebrity friends and 70s film legends were spotted in extremely spring-like outfits, which celebrated nature a little too much.

Our nostrils were filled with pollen and our eyes with crocodile tears when we saw the picture of Shahira and Suhair dressed in colorful outfits, donning flowers in every possible place where they can put them, really. Not to mention Shahira’s bejeweled, hot pink hat and Suhair’s matching striped scarf and jumper, don’t even get us started on that. The cherry on top was Suhair’s crocodile shades, which were a huge trend a little while back, but just seem a little too much especially when combined with the entire, super floral, outfit.

“You know what, ladies? Rock your mixed patterns, flora necklaces and fauna shades.”

That being said, their over-the-top fashion choices are one of the main reasons why we love them so much, and we wouldn’t change a thing. You know what, ladies? Rock your mixed patterns, flora necklaces and fauna shades. Rock them like it’s still 1975, and our fashion shaweesh will let it slide with not so much as a warning.

Don’t worry ladies, a few dozen flowers and a couple of crocodiles won’t get in the way of our love for you.


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