Farah Nofal “To give in to temptation once every week is what I see as a healthy balance!”

It is definitely not easy to navigate through the Holy Month without giving in to delicious temptations. Yoga Instructor Farah Nofal gives us the best advice on how to stay active and healthy during Ramadan.

What is the best time to work out during Ramadan?
My favorite time to work during Ramadan is a fasted workout a couple of hours pre-Iftar. You’re much lighter physically and at the same time you get to replenish your body by the time you’re done working out!

For people who do not have the time to work out, what is the best at-home workout regimen you can recommend?

I believe that each individual has a different definition of movement that feels the most fitting to their lives and routines. However, my advice as a mover is a well-rounded routine, where they get to strengthen their bodies, improve their cardiovascular health, and finally to always mobilize to stay injury free.

How do you maintain a healthy diet during Ramadan with all these temptations?

I try to be smart about it. It’s all about balance in Ramadan. To give in to temptation once every week is what I see as a healthy balance. I monitor my sugar intake and I stay hydrated and eat lots of veggies and fruits.

What are your eating habits like in Ramadan?

I eat healthy for most of the month, lots of veggies and salads, I choose whole grains and fiber rich food, I go for lighter choices of protein intake, I include healthy fats, fruits and natural sugars as my sweet tooth treats, I drinks lots of water, I try to decrease my sodium intake, and most importantly I indulge a couple of times with friends and family! Ramadan is a beautiful month where we get to cleanse our whole system and restart our mind, body and soul! See it as a loving process, always!

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