19B Scores a Triple Win in the 44th Edition of CIFF & Here’s Why!


Selected to screen within the International Competition of Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF), Ahmed Abdalla’s 19B gave a huge entrance in the 44th edition of CIFF. The film is headlined by an amazing cast; Sayed Ragab, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Nahed El Sebai, and Fadwa Abed all gave honest and authentic portrayal of their characters. Also, the jury of CIFF announced honoring “19 B” with an award – worth $10,000. The film premiered in the Middle East and North Africa during the proceedings of the 44th edition of the festival.

About the Film

19B follows a doorman who leads a small life in an abandoned villa that he guards. His life revolves around weekly visits from his daughter, drinking tea with his neighboring friend, and his chosen family of stray dogs and cats that keep him company. As his days pass, he finds himself in a stressful and threatening situation with one of the people who live across from him. From that moment on, his life will be anything but peaceful. 

19B has such a simple premise with so much meaning. It is a story of a man who wants to stand up for himself against the actions of a bully. He is a man that wants to keep on living his life in peace. No matter what that looks or means for him. The film, at its core, is a journey of self-discovery. The doorman, played by Sayed Ragab, finds himself in a position where he has to defend what he owns, which is not much, but is very valuable. 19B manages to surprise you in so many ways. Whether it is through the character transformation of the doorman or the dangerous situations he experiences in such a normal and almost unnoticed neighborhood in the streets of Cairo. 

19B is a must-watch, whether, for the calmness or the sudden unease, it is a film that is about the journey of a man who finally loves something and wants to keep it around.

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