Engineer Nour Morshedy Signs a Cooperation Protocol with Baheya Foundation

Pink October is the perfect way for everyone to raise awareness about Cancer, and breast cancer in particular. So, in celebration of Pink October, and all the amazing work Baheya Foundation has been doing, Engineer Nour Morshedy, CEO of Memaar AlMorshedy paid a visit to Baheya Foundation to express her admiration and praise in support of all fighters and survivors of breast Cancer. 

Memaar Almorshedy

To further extend that appreciation, Memaar AlMorshedy signed a cooperation protocol with Baheya Foundation, therefore, sponsoring a medical device at Baheya Sheikh Zayed Hospital.

Engineer Nour Morshedy Expressed her true admiration for the effective role Baheya Foundation has in the early detection and treatment process of breast cancer in Egypt. Nour Morshedy also praised the medical and humanitarian services provided to Baheya fighters. Furthermore, Dr. Jaylan Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer of Baheya foundation for early detection and breast cancer treatment, expressed her keenness and encouragement for all entities that bear social responsibility just like Memaar AlMorshedy, because of its effective and influential role in supporting Baheya Sheikh Zayed and Baheya’s warriors. Dr. Jaylan further explained that Memaar AlMorshedy is an effective partner and supporter of Baheya, which helps in completing Baheya’s mission to the fullet and supporting more women in the journey. 

Memaar Almorshedy

Memaar AlMorshedy’s support came in response to Dr. Maya Morsi Chairman of the National Council for Women’s 200 Million initiative, which shows AlMorshedy’s keenness to act in a quick manner when it comes to supporting women. 

The effort Memaar AlMorshedy is doing in support of breast cancer patients and survivors is tremendous. It only drives us towards a safer future when it comes to breast cancer, and Memaar AlMorshedy’s getting on that train through the support and effort of people like Engineer Nour Morshedy.

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