Eleven Female Powerhouses Everyone Should Know About!

What Women Want magazine produced an inspirational video, bringing eleven powerful women under one roof. The video was powered by LUX, leading to their latest campaign #كل_بنت_حكاية , in which each successful woman talked about how success goes hand in hand with femininity, and the challenges they face in their daily job requirements.

Femininity is a major pillar when it comes to success and achievements. There is this social stereotype that a successful or busy woman doesn’t take care of herself, so in collaboration with LUX, we decided to tell a story of amazing 11 women who have got it all! Motherhood, talent, success are all essential ingredients of pure femininity that should be embraced and celebrated every day.

Starting with the outstanding Egyptian Designer Amina Ghali, Head of Design at Azza Fahmy Jewellery, who talked about the challenge of working on a brand that has been shining for decades, to Dr. Amina Diab, Child Psychologist, who finds it a challenging career in our society when you look young.

“They used to say “Aww she’s cute”. Yes, I’m cute, but when it comes to business, I am not cute!” May Yaacoubi, Chef and Recipe Developer, says when asked about being taken seriously in the kitchen –looking that feminine.

Speaking of women lifting each other up, Sherry El Kilany, Co-founder of Scoop Empire and Managing Partner at Nineteen84 Luxury & Entertainment knows best, “My partner is a woman, and we partnered up because she is strong, knows what she wants and we share the same vision,” she tells.

In a world of cupcakes, it’s not always a piece of cake. Laila Sedky, Co-founder of NOLA Cupcakes, talked about the challenge of dealing with suppliers and negotiating the best prices. She also thinks that if women support each other, we will all develop as a society. Adding to Laila’s career advice, Deena Fadel, Founder of Joud Home Accessories and Tamara Fabrics, had precious advice to give, “We are blessed with so many things. So we need to take care of everything equally”.

“Femininity is being yourself 100%, without having to prove anything to anyone,” says Fayrouz Eid, Founder of The Daily Crisp, an online platform about health and wellness. Adding to her statement about femininity, Rania Refai, Co-founder and Managing Director of Upfuse Egypt, thinks that a woman can be a hard worker, and still takes care of herself. Of course, the dazzling Sherine Hamdy, TV Presenter, and fashion icon agrees, “Being a successful woman doesn’t mean not taking care of yourself. On the contrary, successful women take care of themselves all the time,” she explains.

Furthermore, the beautiful Amena El-Saie, Founder of Helm Egypt, has a remarkable opinion to say, “When you take care of yourself, you’ll encourage others in your circle to do the same”. Helm’s main aim is to bridge the gap between persons with disabilities and all stakeholders, to ensure their inclusion in all aspects of life.

Trying to solve the dilemma of every man asking, “Do you know what women want?” Heba Ali, Managing Director of Egypt Ventures, had a great answer to the eternal question, “A woman wants freedom of choice, and the acceptance of her own decisions”. Egypt Ventures is an association that aims to empower the entrepreneurial ecosystem, by investing in venture capital firms, accelerators, and high growth enterprises.

Women have the ultimate power to achieve all of their dreams, as long as they follow them with a strong passion and persistent minds. Watch the full video on Facebook.


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