Editor’s Note – March/April 2014

I have always wondered what if Bassem Youssef was a woman. Would people still laugh at the ambiguous jokes and about the F word? Or would reactions be evolving around patriarchal clichés we have grown accustomed to when it comes to gender roles? 
I think we live in such a society because women allow it. How many mothers have told their daughters to make a cup of tea for their brothers or to fetch him lunch? How many mothers still take their daughters to be circumcised knowing first hand the traumatic experience and aftermath and life long implications of this barbaric act? How many mothers have told their daughters that they cannot be what they want to be but what society wants them to be? 
They are also the ones who tell their sons that men don’t cry or that a man can do what he wants or that a man can discipline his woman, sister or even mother. 
Yes, mothers. Women are the ones safe guarding and 
passing on these twisted gender values as if their lives depended on it. Education is the only savior and the only way out of this vicious cycle.
We dedicate our 8 Year Anniversary issue to breaking out of these molds, to setting things right and to calling a spade a spade. I want to thank my fabulous team for always making me proud and being in my life. I also thank all our writers, photographers and contributors, who share our passion. We love you back!
Free your mind,
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