Dubai is Getting a Fit New Addition with Flat 6 Labs!

A mother, a fitness influencer and co founder of The Wellness Log, Norshek and her team have collaborated with Flat 6 Labs in the UAE to help influence more people into the fitness wave. We ask Norshek about this collaboration along with some handy fitness questions.


Tell us about your collaboration with Flat 6 Labs. Will you be replicating what you’ve done here in Abu Dhabi?

Flat6labs Abu Dhabi is an accelerator program. We are lucky enough to be part of their second batch; the session started this November and will last until February. The Wellness Log is already a global brand, so setting up our company there and being part of Flat6Labs is more into the business side of things.

Have you always been into fitness, sports and yoga? What got things starting for you?

I have always been into sports. I used to play soccer professionally and do 100m sprints. When I met Nabil (my husband) I got into fitness too. Nabil has always been a fitness freak. When we met, I was swept off my feet, into the gym!

How can fitness services help people with busy schedules get fit?

You can get fit doing so little, people think it requires hours at the gym, but it doesn’t. It requires the right program for you, for your body type, to reach a certain target. As The Wellness Log, we take into account people’s schedules as we design their plans. If it’s 20 mins 4 days a week then so be it.

Social Media and the internet on one hand got us lazy, but on the other it spread the idea of fitness and made it easy for services like yours to come out. When you weigh the pros and cons, do you see that it helped fitness?

I personally think social media and online/digital awareness in general taught people a lot about health and fitness. You can’t trick people anymore. You can’t promise and not deliver. It also gives people a taste of what they can achieve, which is motivating and sometimes intimidating.

How will your collaboration with Flat 6 Labs benefit “The Wellness Log”?

The Flat6Labs program is a complete formula, they come in as a partner and you truly feel it. They pitch in with an investment, they make sure we have all the resources we need. They also give you an office space that you share with other entrepreneurs; being surrounded by people who share your same spirit, determination, you all motivate one another to work hard and play harder.

What do you think of this fitness wave we are experiencing in Egypt and the all over the world?

Who cares if it’s a wave? People are healthier, fitter and happier. I hope this wave lasts longer than the crop top or tube skirts waves lasted!


Do you believe people sometimes just watch fitness profiles, but not try to get fit?

I think the more they see the more they will be drawn in, or repelled by fitness and healthy lifestyles all together. It depends on them and the people they follow. I personally unfollowed a lot of fitness icons because they were just too over whelming and intimidating.

Your collaboration with Flat 6 Labs will be in Abu Dhabi, one of the busiest cities in the world where people barely have time for themselves. How can people stay healthy in such a hectic city with hectic schedules?

That’s what we’ve been doing for the past year, taking people with busy schedules and making sure they have a plan that they can actually follow.

What would be a piece of advice for working women who want to stay fit?

Have someone qualified like The Wellness Log to tell you what you need to do.  Then grab every chance you get to do anything active, walk your kid in a stroller, do a body weight exercise at home, wake up 20 minutes early and do whatever works for you, anything is better than nothing.




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