DIY Beauty Recipes

Save, play and enjoy!

Olive oil and honey hair mask

Now this is a bit tricky, only because it’s difficult to wash out. But you will be surprised at the results. Add three teaspoons of honey to three teaspoons of olive oil (quantities may vary depending on your hair length) and be amazed at how moisturizing it is to your hair. We all mistreat our hair by blow-drying it and using all those products and this is the best way to apologize to it. Just make sure to thoroughly wash your hair with warm water afterwards because it is difficult to wash it out completely.


Sugar and canola oil body scrub

This works pretty much the same way the foot scrub works. The only difference is that you will use a larger quantity of oil (and therefore, sugar as well) and again, scent it with your favorite essential oil. Canola oil will be best to use but any other oil with minimal scent and light texture will also do. Both scrubs can be stored for weeks as long as they are kept in glass jars or Tupperware containers in the refrigerator!


Salt and olive oil foot scrub

City life takes its toll on all our body parts, but especially on our feet. It is only fair that we give them the attention they deserve because if neglected they will turn against you, all ten little piggies, too! Add salt to a tablespoon of olive oil until it reaches a scrub texture. If you’re feeling extra fancy, add an essential oil with your favorite scent to the mix. Use that to scrub your feet and you will notice the difference immediately.


Dry shampoo made out of… Cornstarch?

Yes! You’ve read that one right. It’s difficult to find dry shampoo in Egypt. Luckily, cornstarch will give you the same effect. If you have oily skin and your hair feels oily after only a day or two of washing it, apply cornstarch only to your roots with your fingertips, rub it into your scalp and then brush it out. The starch will literally suck the moisture out of your hair and leave it a lot fresher and cleaner. This method is very helpful as washing your hair on daily basis will greatly damage it on the long run.


Honey as a face-wash

This one is simple enough. Instead of using drug-store cleansers, use honey. Store the honey you will use specifically for this purpose away from the honey your family eats (of course!) and use it moderately. A teaspoonful or less will be enough to cover your face then rinse it with tepid water. This works best for dry skin.


So there you go! Five recipes to keep your face fresh, your hair shiny and your skin soft, let’s use them wisely and clean up our routine.

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