Deana Shaaban Reveals Latest Show “The You in H(u)man”

Deana Shaaban

Deana Shaaban, our beloved entrepreneur, and fashion designer revealed her latest show “The You in H(u)man” a week ago in a beautiful debut on Instagram. The You in H(u)man will feature many guests that will explore all the parts of who we are that make us human through conversations in vulnerable and comfortable spaces. 

What the Show Is About

The You in H(u)man will be a constant journey of growth for Deana Shaaban, the guests, and the audience through the conversations that will take place on the couch. Going through challenges and overcoming them is what makes us who we are as people, some may argue that we get to the best versions of ourselves both because of and despite these challenges. That is why, in The You in H(u)man, the guests will speak of what they have been through, the lessons they learned, and what they took from them in life. The show aims to put out a message that all of us, collectively, will learn from, because at the end of the day, there isn’t anything quite like a heart-to-heart conversation.


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The Very Beginning

Deana Shaaban spoke of why she started this experience. Having a conversation that allows for more space for people to become better versions of themselves has been one of Deana’s favorite things in life. It is in those very conversations that she finds comfort, inspiration, and a little bit more space for connection. 

“I want to talk about things that matter, moments of darkness where light has pierced through to provide miracles and magic.”

“I want to learn and show how to notice those everyday miracles and I want all of us to believe and then create a beautiful now and future for ourselves and our community.” Says Deana 

The You in Human

Deana believes that people find strength when they recognize their own humanity and find it in others as well. The You in H(u)man is a title that completely reflects that. It raises many questions that the show will answer, questions like “How far are we from our own humanity? Are we compassionate about ourselves as much as we’re compassionate about others? How do we define our humanity? And how does what we’ve been through contribute to it?” and so many others that we ask ourselves every day. 

“After all, the most powerful way we truly connect is in our ability to recognize our own humanity and show empathy, compassion, and support for one another.

“My hope is that through this show, our mental, physical and spiritual well-being can find a real place for peace.” Continues Deana 

The You in H(u)man is a wonderful step towards vulnerability. It is a way for people to slow down, sit together, and have an honest conversation about life, no matter how light or dark it’s been. 

Stay tuned for the first episode of the show very soon, and check all the latest updates here!

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