Darb1718 Turns 6!

One of our favorite art and culture centers turned 6 last night. Darb1718 celebrated its anniversary the way we had hoped and expected it to, by celebrating art and artists. With  live music performances taking place as three different photography exhibitions by Egyptian and International artists are open for visitors, Darb really knew how to celebrate in style.

Guests were entertained by live performances from Raquy Danziger, Procession Towards The Unknown and Abo wel Shabab band. Their music was entertainment on its own, and also provided a nice background for those who were drawn more to the photography exhibitions, many as they were.

The first exhibition was Sight. Many of the photographers whose work was featured in it actually took their photographs with their mobile cameras! We could not believe this at first, due to the vividness and gorgeous quality of the pictures. The main theme of this exhibition was everyday things and situations we see around Cairo. Each photographer captured the city beautifully, showing us things which we may see everyday, from their perspective. Participating photographers were: Eslam Muhamed, Karim El Hayawan, Monir El Shazly, Norhan Hawala, Nour Kamel, and Shereen Muhamed.


The second exhibition was We Are All Celebrities, an interested project by Nabil Boutros, which surprisingly featured black and white close-ups of sheep. This is the first part of a larger project called Ovine Condition. The other two parts are called Presumed Innocence and Field of Honor.

The third exhibition is called Underneath the Surface. It may seem morbid at first, but the photographs of people screaming under water are very beautifully captured and portray strong emotions. The project is the result of a collaboration between Toni Haddad, a Lebanese photographer, and Nanna Kreutzmann, a Danish photojournalist. The pictures are all in black and white. They are all portraits of people of different ages trapped under water.


We didn’t expect anything less from Darb1718. Their 6th Year Anniversary ended up being fun for everyone!

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