Cute, Quirky and Fabulous! The Quirkiest Boutique Buys in the Middle East!

Fabulous, quirky items are some of our favorite things. A little something that will stand out in your outfit is a great addition to your wardrobe. Here are some cute and quirky pieces that you can get here!


Balloons and Seashells

1- Balloons and Seashells1- Balloons and Seashells (2)

When your balloons pop, put them to good use and wrap them on your flip-flop straps. Afterwards, walk in your flip-flops on the beach, gather up some seashells and make a bracelet. Voila! You’ve now got yourself some funky beach accessories! Who knew it was so simple? We’re loving these unconventionally quirky pieces from The Dressing Room Boutique in North Coast Egypt!


Lipsticks and A Camera

2 - Lipsticks and a Camera (2)2 - Lipsticks and a Camera

The Zoo Concept store in Dubai took everyday objects and with a big touch of funk appropriated them into other everyday objects. Lipsticks as a necklace, and a camera as a purse, why not? Get a little creative and outgoing with your pieces, will you?


Chains and Love

3 - Chains and Love3 - Chains and Love (2)

Chain, chain, chain, chain of fab! We love the combo of these two fabulously over-the-top pieces from Nass Boutique in Kuwait. At the end of the day, chains and love do many times go together.


Piercings and Paintings

4 - Piercings and Paintings4 - Piercings and Paintings (2)

Feeling a little exotic, or maybe a little artistic? These picks from West L.A. Boutique in Dubai will seal the deal! This unusual septum ring connected to an earring is bound to make a statement wherever you go, and these shoes covered in pop art are guaranteed to give a vibrant quirky touch to any outfit you choose to wear!


Fruits and Stickers

5 - Fruits and Stickers (2)5 - Fruits and Stickers

When we were kids, we loved choosing and buying funky, cool and colorful backpacks for school, with pins, stickers and key chains. Our mothers loved matching them for us with odd, yet creative, slippers. Have a little throwback to the good old days with these pieces from Boho Gallery in Egypt. There’s no summer throwback more odd yet on point than a fruit slipper with a vibrant funky backpack!


Waistbands and Embroidery

6 - Waste bands and Embroidery (2)6 - Waste bands and Embroidery

These beautifully strange waistbands are leaving us imagining some mysterious Zumba dance by an exotic gypsy in the middle of some desert far, far away. These dramatically embroidered quirky belts from Waki Shop in Egypt can easily, and unusually, yet wonderfully accessorize any solid colored swimsuit or mono-toned jeans outfit.

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