Crazy Myths Women Have Been Told About Their Bodies

Crazy Myths Women Have Been Sold About Their Bodies - What Women Want - Egypt

As we get older our bodies change, and our tolerance to certain things and habits also changes. Our bodies are made to give us different signals when anything is not right. The signal could be as small as a headache, anxiety or even interrupted sleep.

What we learn as we grow, and be lucky if we have someone to guide us to do this when we are young, is to listen to our bodies. You listen to your body by paying attention to anything that changes in the way you feel–beit physical or emotional.

But, what affects our bodies?

“ Consciousness creates the body”. Our bodies are created by dynamic energy systems that get affected by diet, emotions, climate and culture. The more you are familiar with the healing concepts, the more you will be surprised to see that true healing cannot take place unless we are more conscious of thebeliefs and assumptions that we have inherited from our cultures.

Here are two myths that women believe about their bodies and health:

Myth 1: Medical Science is Omnipotent

We have been brought up to think that doctors know best; medicine will cure us.When something goes wrong we always need to check with a doctor,since doctors know our bodies more than we do. Medicine and doctors are crucial in some cases, especially when it comes to a lifesaving condition. However, while seeking this, always be sure that you are able to understand your body as well. You may not know ‘names’, or exact words, to describe what you feel, but you know when something is not right and needs attention. You are very capable!

Myth 2: The Female Body is Abnormal

Many women believe that men are more in control of their bodies, especially when it comes to things like body weight and hygiene.

This denigration has made many women afraid of their bodies and their natural processes. Another example is how some women and health practitioners deal with menstruation, menopause, pregnancy and childbirth as medical conditions requiring treatment. Your body is just perfect the way it is, don’t wait for others to tell you how you should feel.

Next time, we will talk more about what changes when we grow, what your body could tolerate at one point and now cannot, and the rationale behind it. Stay tuned

Nada Rashed is a Complimentary Alternative Medicine Practitioner and Certified Reflexology Teacher, www.reflexologyegypt.comShe has a diploma in foot reflexology from Reflexology Association of Canada and later on specialized in different reflexology fields such as spinal reflexology, pregnancy, fertility and reflexology and hand reflexology. She also studied several courses in color healing/therapy. She is also an advanced practitioner of Flower Essences therapy.

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