Coaches not couches! Ramadan tips from Coach Yassin.

We have always been amazed by how well Coach Yassin manages to balance being a proud and active father, a committed husband and a top fitness coach. But how on earth does he manage to do all that during Ramadan when the rest of us can’t get off our sofas?! We just had to quiz him to find out his secrets!

What is the best exercise to maintain abs during Ramadan?
Bodyweight exercises.

For those of us who aren’t fitness experts what is one simple exercise we can try to stay healthy?
If you do 20 minutes circuit training everyday that’s going to be more than enough.

How do you recommend people discover their Ramadan fitness limits?
They just need to move that’s it, just do something! Anything!

How do you resist the temptation to become a couch potato?
I keep in mind that Ramadan is right center in summer, so I’m going to be wearing less clothes. It’s beach season!

What is your favourite food to binge on during Ramadan?
Oh, it’s not just Ramadan. I’m big on Candy, it’s what I do all the time.

Are you a proud Mosalsalat fan, or is it more of a guilty pleasure?
No it’s not a guilty pleasure, Mosalsalat is the real deal!

What is the ultimate Ramadan desert treat?
Mine is a bit different because I tend to mix things together. So I get ice cream and mix it up with Zalabia. I am already getting hungry thinking about it!

Would you describe yourself as a complete night owl during Ramadan then?
No not really, my days are functioning just like they would during the rest of the year, just with the occasional night time meal.

People think of Ramadan in a different way because they don’t eat for half of the day. But if you think about it, it is a discipline!

Is it easy to manage the kid’s food during Ramadan?
Yes of course, because I manage my own.

Do you ever struggle to have enough energy to keep up with your kids during Ramadan?
Not at all!

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